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Exercise Management Software

Use our powerful training and exercise management software to ensure training and exercises consistently increase capabilities and deliver resilience improvements where they are needed most.

Data-driven exercise management software for a resilient organization

Exonaut Training and Exercise Management software puts you in control, giving you the necessary data to design and plan effective exercises that make the organization stronger and improve collaboration and communication among resilience teams and stakeholders.

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  • Develop exercises based on objectively identified resilience gaps and priorities
  • Run exercises remotely or on site via desktops and apps
  • Test people’s response skills and capabilities in a safe environment
  • Observe responses and monitor and evaluate in real-time
  • Introduce new and tougher challenges as an exercise progressing
  • Build understanding and trust among teams taking part
  • Generate automated reports with findings and insights
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Set, work to, and follow up on training objectives

Develop training and exercises with clear objectives and well-defined steps. Introduce new challenges at any time to ramp up the exercise. Record individual comments from observers, aggregate and auto generate reports with results and analysis on where improvements were made and gaps remain. Revisit report data to develop new capability-building exercises – don’t just file it and consider the job done!

Streamline training and exercising

Delve into the exercise library to find previously run training and exercises that will help you achieve objectives. Reusing and tweaking previously run exercises from elsewhere in the organization will save costs and provide insights on what you can hope to achieve, where expected improvements will be made and what the lessons learned were. Log your exercises in the library for other users.

Exonaut featured in Gartner reports

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Move from exercise to respond mode for a faster, more effective response

Put the skills and capabilities developed in exercises to use when managing a crisis or emergency. Switch from the Exonaut Exercise Management software to Exonaut Incident & Crisis Management and use the same user interface, communications channels, dashboards  and workflows for the real event. Familiarity and practice are synonymous with a more effective response.

Tailor dashboards and user access

Run training and exercises with small or large groups, employees and / or external stakeholders, remotely or onsite. Provide different users with different views and controls within an exercise to protect integrity and record all observations in apps and aggregate.

Bring key people together prior to a response

Bring people together with fun and challenging exercises to build team collaboration and skillsets in preparation for a real crisis or emergency. Test and push beyond the limits in a safe environment. Built confidence and morale and a sense of togetherness.

One platform for all your resilience needs

Situational Awareness

Resilience Analytics

Automated Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Task Manager

Learning Center

Scale & Customize

Exonaut Resilience comes as a fully integrated solution or is available in scalable and customizable products. If it’s Exercise Management software you need today, start there and connect Incident & Crisis Management or Business Continuity when needed. All products can be customized to meet your requirements, supporting critical domain data and criteria for improved resilience.

Feature Set

List Box Title
  • Document Manager
  • Exercise Timeline
  • Objective-based Observations
  • Exercise Template Library
  • Mobile Observations & Evaluation
  • Automated Inject Library
  • Distributed Exercises
  • Scenario Testing
  • Automated Reporting & Visualization
  • Real-time Collaborative Planning
List Box Title
  • Debriefing Tools
  • Decision Support Tools
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Checklists
  • GIS Mapping
  • Mobile Apps
  • Lessons Capture & Management
  • Exercise Planning & Resourcing
  • Scheduling & Communication Tools
  • Real-time Reporting
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Major UK Insurer
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“The greatest threat to Financial Services firms is a severe, multi-faceted crisis. Building resilience and capability with industry-wide exercises like this is one of the most powerful tools we have for facing an uncertain future and ensuring the continued success of our industry.”
Hozefa Badri, Head of Business Continuity & Incident Management, HSBC, Hong Kong & Macau
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“In 2021, Oatly introduced a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to support our global strategy and sustainability mission. Exonaut has been central to the implementation and day-to-day running of it. The scalable solution enables us to handle and evaluate our risk data in an efficient way, using risk lists, reports, tailored dashboards and smart filtering tools.”
Per Johansson, Senior Corporate Coordinator, Oatly
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“Using Exonaut, we are able to analyse and identify distinguishing features of the company's risk exposure within different operational areas – and track our progress. This information feeds into the overall strategy of the company.”
Filip Rönning, SBAB Bank Risk Analyst
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“We wanted to look beyond the traditional BCM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk, while having solid foundations to minimize the risk of whatever unprecedented issues and potential threats may arise.”
Director Security and Resilience, Openreach
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Tele 2
“By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident management to the next level”
Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer, Tele2
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Major UK Insurer
“Exonaut is currently capturing all of our Important Business Services… along with the mapping of the associated assets, the impacts of tolerances, the tolerance statements, as well as the scenario tests and the results of them.”
Group Head Operational Resilience, Major UK Insurer
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We work with you

Over the past 20 years our expert consultants have supported organizations around the world with their resilience requirements. From designing and implementing innovative new risk models and methodologies to analyzing risks and developing game-changing training and exercise programs. This experience and knowhow is  incorporated into Exonaut to provide the ultimate risk management solution. As an Exonaut user you can use the system off the shelf or utilize our team to get even more from your solution.

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.