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Trusted by the Fortune 500, governments, international organizations, and gamechangers to digitalize and build resilience operations. Featured in multiple Gartner reports and whitepapers. Transform your business, build an invincible organization, and stay strong in turbulent times with Exonaut Resilience

Drive growth, take strategic advantage of risk, and thrive in adversity

Increase the resilience of your organization. Combine planning, preparation, prevention, response, and recovery in and integrated platform to ensure you are fully equipped to handle the threats, uncertainties and disruptions that lie ahead.

Exonaut is featured in multiple Gartner reports and whitepapers.

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Prevent threats

Connect the dots from threats and risks to business services and dependencies for development of effective contingency planning and actions.

Prepare with foresight

Gain relevant insights from smart filtering of data streams to plan and prepare effectively for what lies ahead.

Protect the organization

Automate capability analysis for testing organizational tolerances and continuous building of resilience capabilities.

Respond quickly

Quickly gain control of an emergency, keep up to date with a situation on a local or global scale, elevate decisions and mobilize response teams.

Recover Stronger

Get automated recovery plans and captured lesson learned, and implement them into capability development exercises for a stronger organization.

One platform for all your resilience needs

Situational Awareness

Resilience Analytics

Automated Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Task Manager

Learning Center

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Major UK Insurer
“In 2021, Oatly introduced a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to support our global strategy and sustainability mission. Exonaut has been central to the implementation and day-to-day running of it. The scalable solution enables us to handle and evaluate our risk data in an efficient way, using risk lists, reports, tailored dashboards and smart filtering tools.”
Per Johansson, Senior Corporate Coordinator, Oatly
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“Using Exonaut, we are able to analyse and identify distinguishing features of the company's risk exposure within different operational areas – and track our progress. This information feeds into the overall strategy of the company.”
Filip Rönning, SBAB Bank Risk Analyst
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“We wanted to look beyond the traditional BCM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk, while having solid foundations to minimize the risk of whatever unprecedented issues and potential threats may arise.”
Director Security and Resilience, Openreach
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“By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident management to the next level”
Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer, Tele2
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Major UK Insurer
“Exonaut is currently capturing all of our Important Business Services… along with the mapping of the associated assets, the impacts of tolerances, the tolerance statements, as well as the scenario tests and the results of them.”
Group Head Operational Resilience, Major UK Insurer
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Our resilience products

Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

Operational Resilience

Incident & Crisis Management

Emergency Operations Center

Security Operations Center

Exercise Manager

Field Operations


Take a structured approach to organizational resilience

Gathering all your resilience activities in one tool brings organization-wide structure and speeds up your ability to respond. Sharing data via diverse tools or email becomes a thing of the past when the right people can access relevant resilience data as needed. Business Continuity can be developed according to risk appetite and likelihood. And automated reporting ensures resilience-based compliance becomes a matter of course within your organization. Exonaut Resilience is structured resilience.

Scale and customize to meet ever-changing resilience needs

Exonaut Resilience comes as a fully integrated solution or is available in scalable and customizable products. If it’s a digital Emergency Operations Center you need today, start there and connect Business Continuity Management and / or Exercise Management when needed. All products can be customized to meet your requirements, supporting critical domain data and criteria for improved resilience.


Map resilience operations, identify and prioritize improvement areas

Map risks, vulnerabilities, and corresponding dependencies to continuity and response plans in seamless workflows. Prioritize, and take informed decisions based on relevant data sourced from multiple streams of information, delivered on intuitive dashboards. Get the complete picture of your resilience operations.

Exercise. Evaluate. Improve. Repeat.

Identify capability gaps with powerful analysis tools. Prioritize threats based on security risk and run resilience exercises with multiple injects to replicate evolving threats. Log reports and observer comments, evaluate the response and define capabilities. Use lessons learned to respond more effectively to incidents and emergencies. Repeat, improve, repeat.


Keep up to date with events in real-time and take fact-based decisions

Get access to actionable insights, grounded in intelligently-sourced stats and data when responding to live incidents and emergencies. Implement plans, prioritize response actions, and mobilize teams no matter if you’re dealing with a cyber attack, equipment failure, supply chain issue or intrusion. Communicate with field operatives 24/7 via mobile and desktop apps. Follow and log events using powerful geo-mapping tools.


We work with you

Over the past 20 years our expert consultants have supported organizations around the world with their risk management. From designing and implementing innovative new risk models and methodologies to analyzing risks and developing game-changing strategies. This experience and knowhow is  incorporated into Exonaut to provide the ultimate risk management solution. As an Exonaut user you can use the system off the shelf or utilize our team to get even more from your solution.

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.