4C Information Security

Keeping your information safe and secure

With NATO SECRET accreditation and 20 years of supporting military training worldwide, 4C Strategies is built on a foundation of information security, innovation and integrity.
Johan Wurtz, 4C Strategies CIO

4C Strategies uphold the highest levels of information security in our SaaS infrastructure and company practices, in accordance with international standards.

  • Exonaut’s secure, customizable permission structure restricts access to sensitive data.
  • Accredited by NATO and several armed forces to Secret and Unclassified level.
  • Regular information security audits and penetration testing by our clients, based on ISO27000, COBIT 4.1, ENISA IAF, PCI security standards.
  • Cloud services hosted in Sweden with Tier 3 data centers, certified by the Uptime Institute.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Our cyber security and cloud hosting infrastructure are certified with the IASME Cyber Essentials Plus standard. Cyber Essentials Plus is a UK Government-backed, industry-supported certification scheme designed to help organisations demonstrate operational security against common online threats. Selected by industry experts, the technical controls within the scheme reflect those covered in well-established standards, such as the ISO/IEC 27000 series, the Information Security Forum’s Standard of Good Practice for Information Security and the Standard for Information Assurance for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.

While Cyber Essentials sets out the technical controls, Cyber Essentials Plus involves an annual certification process conducted by an independent, accredited assessor.

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