Military Experimentation Management Software

Integrated trial and experimentation solution, with real-time, evidence-based outputs

Military Experimentation Management Software


Map experimental criteria and objectives, assess and record data in real-time, and measure against user defined outputs in one seamlessly integrated trial and experimentation management system.

“Exonaut has enabled the British Army to efficiently plan, execute and evaluate its Army Warfighting Experiment. Its success will be judged by the final report and the exploitation of the evidence contained within it; in this respect, Exonaut is a critical enabling component”.

Lt Col Nick Serle, Director Army Warfighting Experiment 17

Exonaut has become the global de facto standard for military training and exercise management software.

Exonaut helps users assess, visualise and exploit training data to support decision making, build capabilities and increase your training readiness. Highly scalable and configurable, the platform enables allied forces across the globe to plan, programme, design, manage and optimise complex exercises, training progressions and experimentation.

Supporting the British Army’s Training and Exercise Management

Find out what makes Exonaut the British Army’s solution of choice to support its Collective Training Exercise Management.


Exonaut facilitates dynamic activity management, including
resource deconfliction, and near real-time objective and
subjective data capture in standardized formats.

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  • End-to-end Trial Management System

Design, deliver, capture performance, and exploit training and exercise data based on one version of the truth for capability development.

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  • Collaborative planning

Enable multiple planning teams to concurrently plan trial and experimental activities in a single, live plan, with full transparency.

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  • Information Management

Share activity plans & programmes, data collection plans and supporting documentation on Exonaut’s native mobile app to deployed teams in the field.

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  • Enhanced Objective Data Capture

Provide trial teams with focussed question sets and the ability to collect near real time observations on candidate performance.

Exonaut’s supports user friendly data entry and provides intuitive visualization of experimental outputs in customisable dashboards as well as auto-generated reporting and trend analysis.

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  • Deliver dispersed activities

Empower controlling headquarters to coherently manage the delivery of dispersed activities – tailored to their ways of working – to support working hypotheses.

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  • Capture wide-ranging data

Enable near real-time capture of time/date stamped evidence supported by photos and videos, and user feedback.

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  • Combined Subjective Data Capture

Enables the capture of user feedback alongside the objective observations into a single Exonaut system for exploitation – in near real time.

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  • Evidence of Performance

Enable the capture and secure sharing of supporting evidence such as photos and videos alongside performance observations.


Exonaut support military experimentation and trials across the live, virtual and constructive spectrum enabling testing and comparisons under different training formats and experiences.

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  • Like for like comparisons

Compare like for like performance and assurance of the captured data to see training progression and identify improvement areas.

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  • Exploit data

Utilize all captured data for exploitation and the generation of user defined outputs and reports.

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  • Assurance of Captured Data

Enable controlling C/S’s to track data collection, identify issues, compare performance and assure the quality of data collected.

Capability Development through Experimentation

Military experimentation and trials are a key element of capability development; be it new equipment, tactics or force types.

To be of value, auditable and objective evidence must be gathered, assessed and available for exploitation. This requires a coherent system which supports the design and delivery of trials and experimentation activity, and the collection and exploitation of objective and subjective data.

Used by armed forces across the world

Exonaut is used allied armed forces spanning the globe for small and large-scale exercises. Among our users we can count NATO, who use Exonaut to plan international multi-disciplinary exercises.

Hear from General Micael Bydén, the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, who discusses 20 years of working with Exonaut and 4C Strategies and the digitalisation of military capability development.

See Exonaut in action

4C Strategies provides military clients with a broad range of tailored solutions designed to manage complex exercises, enable capability development, and enhance readiness across the organisation. Book a free, live demo or meet with one of our expert consultants to discuss your requirements.

See what Exonaut can do

[Video:] REPMUS 23 – The future of NATO technology

Watch our video case study to see Exonaut played a key role in NATO's cutting edge robotics exercise, powering the future of warfighting and maritime operations.

Cerberus 22 – Supporting British Army’s largest European exercise in 10+ years

Learn about 4C's instrumental end-to-end support in Exercise Cerberus 22, the British Army’s largest and most ambitious exercise in Europe for over a decade.

Commonwealth Games Training – Supporting HQ West Midlands

Exercise Blue MacCaw was a mission rehearsal exercise for the British Army’s Headquarters West Midlands, designed to test its ability to deliver security, ceremonial, and

Exonaut: Powering the US Army’s Training Management Tool (TMT)

We find out more about the Training Management Tool (TMT) powered by Exonaut® used by the US Army in its Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

Motivating individual soldiers with MyMIMIR

Find out how MyMIMIR gives Commanders and soldiers a new perspective on training performance by monitoring individual soldiers’ activity and presenting it collectively.

Supporting the Swedish Armed Forces for two decades

Since 2001, the Swedish Armed Forces have been instrumental in the development of 4C's Exonaut software. Find out more about this collaboration, which spans two decades.

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.