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Training and Exercise Management
"We had a good impression of 4C Strategies’ crisis management services from their references and have been very satisfied with their delivery of our training and exercises. 4C also had a robust training tool, Exonaut, that we wanted to use; it made the exercise very realistic."
Malin Görhammar, Chief Risk Officer, AMF Pension

An exercise is an instrument to train for, assess, practice, and build capability in a risk-free environment. Exercises enable leaders to test their decision-making in a crisis or emergency situation, while exposing organisational vulnerabilities so that they may be acted on in advance. In the current volatile risk landscape, organisations are facing an increasing likelihood of being confronted with a crisis – be it cyber security, supply chain, terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters, data breaches, IT outages or other unexpected events.

Exercises can also be used for:

  • Testing and validating policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, and supplier agreements,
  • Training for and clarifying roles and responsibilities,
  • Improving coordination and communications,
  • Identifying organisational vulnerabilities and gaps in resources,
  • Enhancing individual and collective performance,
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement.

We deliver exercise management services to develop key capabilities in the areas of risk management, business continuity and incident and crisis management. This ranges from relatively simple workshops, to discussion-based, table-top, gaming and simulation exercises – where multiple elements of an organisation’s resilience capability can be subject to analysis and review.

Remote exercises allow for:

  • collaboration across different time zones and locations for international organisations

  • an opportunity to practice and test newly-developed on-line crisis management procedures

  • savings in time and funding resources

Why partner with 4C?

Remote exercises

It is increasingly evident that the ability to work and deliver from distance plays a major part in an organisation’s resilience. Working and operating remotely is often referred to as “the new normal”, however, 4C Strategies have been facilitating this for quite some time. We are leading the way with the delivery of simulation exercises around the globe; in person and remotely, with our Exonaut® Exercise Portal.

Bringing remote exercises to life

With the wealth of features and tools available within our Exonaut software, remote exercises can be brought to life. Scenarios are enhanced with simulated social media feeds, news clips and other injects, to make them realistic, challenging, engaging and fun for participants.

Communications tools for exercise control staff enhance coordination potential, along with real-time dashboards (pictured to the left) and the ability to capture observations and produce reports. Post exercise, we provide a detailed and objective based report; highlighting strengths, areas for improvement, recommendations, lessons and identified examples of best practice.

Custom solutions

Any exercise must be customised to your needs and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help deliver an exercise or a longer-term capability development program. We offer discussion-based, tabletop, gaming and simulation exercise models as a basis for that discussion.

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