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A transparent, data-driven evaluation, assurance and readiness solution

Exonaut Evaluation, Assurance and Readiness


Gain a full understanding of training performance, risk and readiness in one platform. Map, observe, assess and track in a native mobile app and web-based progression management tool.

“4C Strategies has been our innovation partner for almost two decades. The Exonaut Simulation Extension Product is a true milestone in our partnership. It will give us significant opportunities to increase the effectiveness and quality of our training and prepare us to deliver the next generation computer assisted exercises no matter what simulators we decide to use.”

Lt. Col Carl-Fredrik Kleman, Head of Joint Training Centre, Swedish Armed Forces

Motivating individual soldiers with MyMIMIR

Read the case study on how Exonaut proved a game-changer for the British Army’s collective training management: MyMIMIR.


Exonaut is highly scalable and offers a range of powerful and intuitive tools to manage, track and evaluate training activities, bringing an objective-based, collaborative approach to training management.

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  • NATO Accredited

Exonaut is fully compliant with NATO evaluation systems such as CREVAL, OCE, MAREVAL and TACEVAL.

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  • Mobile Interface

Mobile observations and assessments increase the flexibility, agility and reach of the solution across the entire live, virtual and constructive training spectrum.

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  • Coherence

Assure consistency across training activities with a single set of objectives, performance measures and exercise documentation.

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  • Assurance

Never lose any data – a record of all training and performance data with an audit trail means you revisit activities at any time.

Exonaut is purpose-built for end-to-end support of collective and individual training. From low-level table-top exercises to large-scale distributed exercises, supported by synthetic training simulations across the live, virtual and constructive spectrum, with multiple complex objective sets – Exonaut has it covered.

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  • Objective-Based Training

Simple mapping of objectives to activities and subsequent observation and assessment streamlines processes.

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  • Advanced Filtering

Tailored filtering by field allows observers to view and report on the specific objectives that they are responsible for.

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  • Transparency

Gain a real-time, objective view of Training Risk and Readiness across all aspects of exercising for a fast understanding of performance.

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  • Evidence-Based

Access to live training and performance results enables agile decision-making.


Exonaut supports the ability to control integrated simulators, giving exercise control the ability to execute actions in constructive simulators through pre-scripted events and injects.

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  • Data Visualisation

Customisable visualisations support improved understanding and decision making for the Training Audience, Training Deliverer and Chain Of Command.

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  • Exploitable Data

Use intuitive dashboard visualisations and automated training data reports for Lessons, After-Action Reviews, Capability Development and much more.

Understand true capabilities

Demonstrate an objective and transparent view of readiness in accordance with agreed standards and metrics based on reliable data that shows evidence of performance – essential for the certification process.

Map, observe, assess and track training objectives in Exonaut’s native mobile app and web-based progression management tool. Plan evaluation objectives in detail and match them to the training event best suited to demonstrate a desired competence.

Make fact-based readiness decisions

The objective evidence gained and then measured against the agreed standards and metrics in Exonaut, gives a real time view of a Headquarters’ or Force Element’s performance and progression towards certification. Areas of risk and shortfall are highlighted and any areas not addressed by the evaluation are clearly shown – bringing new levels of objectivity to the training domain.
Auto-generated reports present the Chain of Command with the evidence they require to make critical operational readiness decisions.

Hear from General Micael Bydén, the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, who discusses 20 years of working with Exonaut and 4C Strategies and the digitalisation of military capability development.

See Exonaut in action

4C Strategies provides military clients with a broad range of tailored solutions designed to manage complex exercises, enable capability development, and enhance readiness. Book a free, live demo or meet with one of our expert consultants to discuss your requirements.

See what Exonaut can do

[Video:] REPMUS 23 – The future of NATO technology

Watch our video case study to see Exonaut played a key role in NATO's cutting edge robotics exercise, powering the future of warfighting and maritime operations.

Cerberus 22 – Supporting British Army’s largest European exercise in 10+ years

Learn about 4C's instrumental end-to-end support in Exercise Cerberus 22, the British Army’s largest and most ambitious exercise in Europe for over a decade.

Commonwealth Games Training – Supporting HQ West Midlands

Exercise Blue MacCaw was a mission rehearsal exercise for the British Army’s Headquarters West Midlands, designed to test its ability to deliver security, ceremonial, and

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.