Exonaut Training & Exercise Management Software

Used by allied forces and partners across NATO, governments, and enterprises for effective, data-driven capability development and training readiness.

An end-to-end platform for all your training and exercise needs.

Exonaut Training and Exercise Manager


Exonaut covers the entire training and exercise ecosystem, so you can plan, design, run and evaluate training and exercises in one powerful platform. The powerful data exploitation tool also supports evidence-based decision making and ensures that identified lessons learned can be applied to future exercises for continuous and effective capability development.

The Next Generation has arrived.

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4C Strategies provides military, government and corporate clients with a broad range of tailored solutions designed to manage complex exercises, enable capability development, and enhance readiness across the organisation. Book a free, live demo or meet with one of our expert consultants to discuss your requirements.

Designed for every exercise

From holding small-scale training to planning and running inter-disciplinary exercises with thousands of participants around the globe, Exonaut has it covered.

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  • Supports third party software

With strict role-based workflows, access controls and highly customizable views, user centricity is assured. Give different users access to what they need in a branded portal.

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  • User-centric portals

Connect and run third-party software such as training simulations tools and emulator engines for advanced exercises and record all activities.

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  • Train offsite, utilize big picture data

Run remote off-line exercises and import the training data to primary systems for exploitation without worrying about version control or data loss.

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  • Seamless operations

Seamlessly switch between different desktops, workflows and views within Exonaut based on user credentials without losing data.

Automation – Optimization

Enables data-driven dashboards that support automated report generations, providing users with key insights into training performance and a roadmap for training development.

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  • Single version of the truth

Ensure dispersed users can see relevant information based on the same training data during and after an exercise regardless of their location.

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  • Powerful app

Observe and report training performance in our app. Compare with objectives and view scenario injects to ramp up the exercise.

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  • Display it your way

Choose between dark and light mode, view timelines for progression overviews and tailor dashboards to provide specific views and reports.

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  • Simple onboarding

The intuitive and customizable user interface makes onboarding new users fast and simple.

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Streamline exercising

Once an exercise is created it is automatically entered into your exercise library. Reusing, tweaking or manipulating previously run exercises will save time and costs, while providing insights into what you can expect to achieve, where capability improvements should be made, and what the previous lessons learned were.

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  • Scalable system

Add additional capabilities to Exonaut Training and Exercise Management such as MyExonaut – individual tracking and training motivation.

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  • Web application

A new web-based operating system means there’s no need for desktop clients, supporting a more agile design.

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  • Cloud, hybrid or on-prem

Choose your deployment method to meet the needs of your organization. Primary / secondary configuration allows data to be securely exports to offline servers.

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  • Highest security

Exonaut meets the highest security requirements Accredited at NATO Secret and Unclassified levels, it is used by allied armed forces, and large enterprises, 24/7.

Evidence based training and decision-making

Where should training resources be allocated? Where should capability development be prioritized? Which exercises will deliver the most effective results? Should we do more live, virtual or constructive exercises?

Exonaut provides all the evidence necessary to ensure exercising is concentrated on bridging capability gaps to improve training readiness and reach certification and compliance within budget.

Exonaut recognised in Gartner reports

Gartner, the trusted research and advisory firm that deliver actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams, has featured 4C Strategies and our Exonaut solution in several reports and white papers to date.

Training and exercise expert support

We have experts around the world who support our clients with the planning, design, management and evaluation of training and exercising. From recreating an organization-wide cyberattack to planning and managing a multi-national military exercise with participants from international agencies and armed forces, we can ensure your exercises deliver the most value.


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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.