Tele2 Takes Incident Management to Next Level

"By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident reporting and management to the next level"

– Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer at Tele2.

Challenge: Tele2 employs around 5 200 people in six countries in Europe. For a company of that size, it is paramount to get a structured approach to incident management as disruptions to ordinary operations can be very costly if handled incorrectly.

Solution: The Exonaut solution for Tele2 allows both employees and partners to report a wide range of incidents including fire, fraud, personal data breach, robbery, theft or loss, and work-related injuries. Incident data is aggregated in custom dashboards, providing a real-time status overview for Tele2 incident managers and executives.

Benefits: Exonaut supports automated workflows with email notifications at the right time to the right recipients. Only the responsible handling officers can view and manage the incident report, thereby complying with Tele2’s strict requirements on data confidentiality and integrity.

Customer:  Tele2 is a European telecommunications operator headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a major telephone operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries and an alternative provider in many others, with about 17 million customers in 8 countries and under franchise in 1 additional countries.

Background: As Tele2 operations expanded from Sweden into Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Croatia, Russia and Germany, an increasing number of stakeholders were involved in reporting, handling and evaluating incidents.  A tool was needed to more effective manage this collaboration, and offer managers a data-driven visualisation of incident costs, response times, and trends over time.

“Exonaut is highly configurable and has been tailored to our needs.”

Handling officers responsible for specific incident types in different countries rely on Exonaut to digitally log actions taken, related police reports, insurance claims, and other information. When needed, they also invite other users to share information and cooperate in resolving the incident. All data within Exonaut is based on a permissions structure which allows role based access for different users in different countries. Incident data is then visualised in custom dashboards, which gives managers the ability to track incident costs, time and the most effective risk mitigation measures, in real-time.

In the Exonaut dashboards, the Tele2 incident statistics are visualised in charts and graphs by:

  • Incident type and sub-type
  • Country and region
  • Status
  • Time
  • Incident cost

The data can be filtered by e.g. just clicking a staple in one of the charts, which makes it very easy to identify areas with the highest number of incidents, the highest incident cost and the accumulated time spent managing incidents.

“Exonaut has helped us implement a structured approach to incident management and improve our processes over time.”

In short, Exonaut’s Incident & Crisis Management Solution allows you to:

  • Track and assess incident, case and deviation metrics and trends, to strengthen the resilience of your organisation.
  • Report on incident risk, magnitude, and losses based on estimated financial impact.
  • Notify the right people with the right information in real-time.

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