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Exonaut Resilience Platform

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Improve vulnerability detection, situational awareness, incident response, and prevention capabilities. Take effective action faster with all your security tools, practices, and operations in one Security Operations Center (SOC). Integrate security operations into an organization-wide approach to resilience.

Empower security organization-wide

Security threats and incidents are a constant. Having a centralized software where they can be easily logged, categorized, observed, evaluated, and escalated brings structure to responses, empowering the entire organization no matter how distributed operations are. Centralize your security management with Exonaut SOC.

SOC-escalate incident
List Box Title
  • Monitor entire asset inventory, holistically or individually
  • Connect threats to response plans
  • Gather live operations data in the field
  • Log and analyse incidents. Send and receive automated alerts
  • Automatically filter high priority incidents
  • Address vulnerabilities based on exercising & incident response data
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Automate Security Management processes and focus in core activities

Automation, helps you identify issues faster, alert stakeholders, log actions and generate reports. This enables you to focus your efforts on dealing with security incidents, while Exonaut Security Operations Center backs you and your team up. You can even automate response alerts and sharing of plans when dealing with live situations.

Exercise-driven responses ensure you are ready to respond when needed

Exercises are key to improving security response capabilities. Our Security Operations Center is designed to put you in control when scenario testing, exercising or managing a full-blown security response. Set-up, run, introduce scenario injects, and observe and log actions. Switch to “live situation in a response. You can even run tests automated security response and recovery plan tests, to check their viability and ensure tasks have been completed and documented according to timelines.

Exonaut featured in Gartner reports

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Full version control and transparency

Share live data across the organization with full version control and traceability. Ensure all stakeholders are up to date with response plans. Keep a record of accountability and analyse logs post response to identify improvements.

Situational awareness, everywhere and around the clock

The Exonaut Resilience mobile app allows people in the field to seamlessly record and capture observations with text, photo or film and geotag their locations. Information is automatically logged centrally in the Security Operations Center and plans can be easily actioned to stakeholders. Mobile users can also update crisis plans, task lists, and share the latest situation updates. Communication is secure and encrypted.

Security Operations Center your way

Customizable and intuitive dashboards enable you to view security operations from different angles. Set the dashboards to show relevant live reporting in areas where you have the biggest threats and easily switch between views. You can also auto generate easy to understand reports for stakeholders based on dashboard data or other key parameters.

One platform for all your resilience needs

Situational Awareness

Resilience Analytics

Automated Reporting

Compliance Reporting

Task Manager

Learning Center

Scale & Customize to build organizational capabilities

Exonaut Resilience comes as a fully integrated solution or is available in scalable and customizable products. If it’s a digital Emergency Operations Center you need today, start there and connect Business Continuity and / or Exercise Manager when needed. All products can be customized to meet your requirements, supporting critical domain data and criteria for improved resilience.

Feature Set

List Box Title
  • Automated Alerting Tools
  • Incident Reporting
  • Incident Log
  • Emergency Roll Call
  • Mobile Apps
  • GIS Mapping
  • Automated Reporting
List Box Title
  • GIS / GPS Response Tracking
  • Third Party Data Streaming
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Shift Management
  • Debriefing Tools
  • Status Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Role-based workflows

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We work with you

Over the past 20 years our expert consultants have supported organizations around the world with their resilience requirements. From designing and implementing innovative new risk models to developing incident and crisis management strategies and supporting emergency responses. This experience and knowhow is  incorporated into Exonaut to provide the ultimate risk management solution. As an Exonaut user you can use the system off the shelf or utilize our team to get even more from your solution.

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.