Exonaut® Climate Resilience

Mitigate. Adapt. Accelerate.

Manage environmental impacts and climate vulnerabilities. Meet reporting regulations. Embrace new business opportunities.

Meet the climate-related business challenges ahead with Exonaut Resilience

Exonaut Climate Resilience is a user-friendly, end-to-end platform designed to help you tackle the challenges of climate change. Gain in depth insights into climate risks and vulnerabilities and create targeted plans to reduce emissions and Mitigate environmental impact. Achieve regulatory reporting compliance and disclose data. Adapt sustainably to the effects of climate change and embrace new business opportunities. Accelerate your journey to net-zero and continuously build and improve your climate resilience capabilities.

No matter how far you’ve come on your climate journey, Exonaut can help you tackle the challenges ahead:

  • Meet new climate reporting regulations
  • Manage climate risk vulnerabilities
  • Meet market and investor pressure
  • Manage & protect brand loyalty
  • Embrace new business opportunities
  • Avoid climate litigation

Exonaut is featured in multiple Gartner reports and whitepapers.

Exonaut Climate Resilience – designed to grow with your needs


Reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts, increase efficiency, and disclose regulatory reports across common standards and frameworks.


Anticipate and adapt to climate effects, take fast and appropriate action to prevent and minimize disruptions, and disclose regulatory reports.


Tailor the solution to your industry, brand and operations, identify and develop capabilities to strengthen resilience, and embrace business opportunities.

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“We wanted to look beyond the traditional BCM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk, while having solid foundations to minimize the risk of whatever unprecedented issues and potential threats may arise.”
Director Security and Resilience, Openreach
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“Using Exonaut, we are able to analyse and identify distinguishing features of the company's risk exposure within different operational areas – and track our progress. This information feeds into the overall strategy of the company.”
Filip Rönning, SBAB Bank Risk Analyst
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“In 2021, Oatly introduced a new Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to support our global strategy and sustainability mission. Exonaut has been central to the implementation and day-to-day running of it. The scalable solution enables us to handle and evaluate our risk data in an efficient way, using risk lists, reports, tailored dashboards and smart filtering tools.”
Per Johansson, Senior Corporate Coordinator, Oatly
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“By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident management to the next level”
Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer, Tele2
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Mitigate impacts, vulnerabilities and risks

Utilize ISO 14001 steps and workflows

Work in pre-configured ISO 14001 steps and workflows and utilize data-driven insights for a more effective and compliant resilience program.

Prioritize and manage risks

Identify, prioritize and manage climate risks and environmental impacts across units or the entire organization.

Allocate responsibilities based on objectives

Develop mitigation plans, objectives and roadmaps and allocate responsibilities to departments.

Keep up to date with progress

Collect, monitor and assess progress with automated notifications and follow-up on mitigation progress.

Use one system for data & communication

Collaborate securely organization-wide using the same up-to-date data with full transparency.

Automate climate reporting

Streamline disclosure with auto-generated, time-stamped reports and share in multiple formats with stakeholders.

Mitigation Features

From CO2 e-calculators for scopes 1 and 2, to proven risk assessment tools and real-time situational awareness dashboards and ISO workflows, Exonaut Climate Resilience helps you make sense of your climate data. Take a standardized approach to climate resilience and utilize your data to lower emissions, mitigate climate risks and meet regulatory reporting requirements.


See the full list of Mitigation features

Adapt to current and future effects of climate change

Mitigate and adapt

Add adapt capabilities to your climate mitigation solution to better anticipate impacts and manage disruptions to operations.

Connect risks to individual responsibilities

Create plans, procedures and checklists against your most vulnerable climate risks and allocate responsibilities to teams and individuals.

Make better decisions

Take-fact based decisions using smart filtering tools and data-driven insights to prevent or minimize disruptions.

Respond quickly & effectively

Report, co-ordinate and respond quickly and collaboratively to climate-related incidents and disruptions.

Manage the supply chain

Gain visibility, asses and assert influence on your supply chain to meet your sustainability goals.

Automate climate reporting

Streamline disclosure with auto-generated, time-stamped reports and share in multiple formats with stakeholders.

Adapt Features

Go beyond planning for climate disruptions, and tackle them head on with market-leading incident management software. This is just one of many features and functions in Exonaut Climate Resilience that can help you effectively adapt to current and future climate change and meet strict and ever-evolving regulatory reporting requirements.

See the full list of Adapt Features

Accelerate your mission to net-zero

Mitigate, Adapt and Accelerate

Take the next vital step in your mission for net-zero. Integrate Accelerate into your Mitigate and Adapt capabilities in an end-to-end solution.

Identify and prioritize opportunities

Get an understanding of the impacts, vulnerabilities, and obligations, and identify new opportunities based on your activities, services and products.

Break down silos

Work collaboratively with the same up-to-date data to plan and take decisions with full transparency for key stakeholders.

Automate operations

Automate data collection, track progress, assess performance and auto-generate intuitive reports in multiple formats.

Train for the future

Assess staff skills and knowledge and create and manage training designed to build confidence and abilities where it’s needed most.

Continually improve

Get actionable insights that support clear decision making based on system data. Use data-driven insights to continual improve climate resilience.

Accelerate Features

Get customized data flows presented the way you want them in your own branded solution. Identify skills gaps and create training programs that target key improvement areas to bolster your climate resilience teams and program. Utilize all the features in our end-to-end solution to accelerate your journey to net-zero emissions.

See the full list of Accelerate Features

Price list


  • Risk Assessment
  • Scopes 1 & 2 CO2 Calculator
  • Activity planning and reporting

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  • Supply Chain Management
  • Scopes 1,2 & 3 CO2 Calculator
  • Incident Management and reporting

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  • Training & Exercise Management
  • Customized dashboards and reporting
  • External web forms and active directories

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Full Access Users
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Hosting options available

SaaS only

SaaS or On-Prem

SaaS or On-Prem

Situational Awareness Dashboards
Keep on top of situations with smartly filtered data streams, situational updates and actionable insights.

Context & Commitment
Understand & define your impacts, vulnerabilities and obligations

Objective Catalogue
Set organizational sustainability & preparedness goals with measurement and communication plans

Entity Workspaces
Empower teams to own their area plans, KPIs and performance measurement through specific transparent configurable workspaces

Risk & Opportunity Assessment
Assess your activities, services and products’ environmental impacts alongside your business vulnerabilities or opportunities and grade their probability and consequence

Activity Planning
Plan Mitigation, Adaptation & Disclosure Work Streams at all organizational levels to sustainably manage and action against your most significant challenges

Task Management
Automate Actions, Risk Treatments, and Control tasks to streamline responsibility across your organization and assert influence on your supply chain

Supply Chain Management
Vendor portal workspaces and data collection forms to influence and manage scope 3 emissions

Sensor Integration
Automate performance data collection through sensor integrations. Subsequently seamlessly assess against sustainability & preparedness goals and KPIs

Performance Measurement Forms
Design and publish user configurable data collection forms for your Activities and Goals/KPIs

Performance Assessment Forms
Design and publish user configurable performance assessment forms utilising collected automated or manual measurements against your Activities and Goals/KPIs

Calculate your business activities for scope 1,2 and 3 in CO2-equivalents to track progression against sustainability & preparedness goals

Limited emission factors available – Scope 1 and 2 only

Relevant emission factors for your industry. Additional factors available – Scope 1,2 & 3

Custom emission factors available – Scope 1,2 & 3

Incident Response Plans
Set plans, procedures and checklists against your most vulnerable climate risks

Incident Management
Manage climate induced incidents and environmental hazards as they occur to keep staff safe and business running as usual. Minimise disruption to supply chain

External Active Directory Connection
(with SSO)

Training & Exercise Management
Schedule, direct, plan, conduct and evaluate training for enhanced employee awareness, proficiency and continual improvement

Client Branded Solution

External Web Forms
Capture performance and observations from outside your organization and have the data flow into Exonaut automatically

Integration Engine
Integration options with existing or 3rd party systems through Exonaut APIs

Customised Dashboards
Request specific charts based on your specific needs and requirements

Customised Reports
Request specific reports based on your specific needs and requirements


We work with you

Climate Risk & Resilience Consulting

Over the past 20 years our expert consultants have supported organizations around the world to build their organizational resilience. From designing and implementing innovative new risk models and methodologies to managing evolving crises and developing game-changing continuity strategies. This experience and knowhow is  incorporated into Exonaut Climate Resilience to provide the ultimate solution. No matter which climate package you want our consultants can help you deploy or utilize it to build your resilience.

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.