Our Story

In the year 2000, there was a gap in the market for a military training and evaluation software tool. At the time, exercise planning and evaluations were largely done in Excel files and with a pen and paper. The idea behind 4C Strategies was to digitally transform training and exercises, by making them more effective, data-driven and reusable for other units and the next generation of soldiers.

Exonaut is Born

In those early years, 4C was a start-up based in Lund with a single client, the Swedish Armed Forces. But after successfully supporting a series of exercises with the Exonaut platform, 4C’s software partnerships gradually expanded to more defence forces including the British Army in 2007, NATO in 2015 and most recently, the US Army.

Key to this expansion has been establishing a local presence, particular in the military sector. After launching 4C North America in 2016 with an office in Washington, DC and opening an R&D Center in Orlando in 2019, Exonaut will form the foundation of the US Army’s new training management system.

Meanwhile, the security landscape had been transformed by 9/11 and its aftermath. 4C decided to take Exonaut’s data-driven approach to building readiness, and apply it to the public and private sectors. With a mix of vision, grit and creative software development, Exonaut evolved from a military training tool to a platform of integrated solutions for Risk, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Compliance, Training and Exercises.

Over the years, Exonaut has been regularly featured in Gartner publications, and continues to innovate based on lessons identified in our long-term partnerships with the European External Action Service, NATO, British Army, Tele 2, ISS Facility Services and others.

Organisational Resilience Consulting

4C’s consulting business has grown together with Exonaut into a comprehensive offering of organisational resilience services for the public and private sectors. Our approach to resilience has always been grounded in strategic integration – aligning risk management, incident and crisis management, IT continuity, and business continuity management into a coherent program of effective preparation, capability development and response.

A major consulting milestone was opening 4C’s London office in 2010. With the British Army partnership as a foundation, the London office would spearhead our expansion into a UK market at the vanguard of resilience services. 4C hired some of the UK’s leading resilience experts to expand our global footprint, delivering projects with Gatwick Airport, the Emergency Planning College, Lloyds Bank, BNP Paribas, Tesco, Nationwide Building Society and others.

As a company, we can provide independent consulting services, Exonaut software, and the two combined to deliver game-changing results for our customers. Our strategic advice ranges from supporting national-level resilience policy to building cross-Atlantic cyber security capability to developing UNDP’s global risk management framework and GE Healthcare’s ISO-certified business continuity program.

Combining Digital Innovation with Industry Expertise

4C’s software developers continue to work closely with our subject matter experts to ensure that Exonaut drives innovation to meet customer needs and industry best practice. It is this integration of digital innovation with industry expertise that makes 4C unique, and lies at the heart of our mission to build a safer society.

4C Strategies today serves military, public and private clients around the globe, ranging from NATO, the EU and UN, to Fortune 500 companies and critical infrastructure providers. In order to meet their stringent security demands, Exonaut has become accredited to NATO Secret level, Cyber Essentials Plus and the highest international standards.

With the uncertainties currently being faced in so many areas, governments and businesses will need to ramp up their security and resilience programs in the years to come. As 4C continues its growth, from Sweden to the UK, US and beyond, our global team of resilience managers, software developers and training experts will be there to support the mission critical sectors of our society.

Want to know more about 4C? Read the interviews below, produced for our 20th anniversary in 2020.

Testimonials from some of our Clients

Exonaut - I am Safe
risk management software

Consular Affairs Division, European External Action Service (EEAS)

4C Strategies has provided the EEAS with innovative tools, interactive maps and dashboards to facilitate the coordination of consular assistance and large-scale exercises with EU Member States.

Director of Security and Resilience, Openreach

We wanted to look beyond the traditional ICM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk. This led us to speak to 4C Strategies. Based on these discussions we decided to adopt a capability maturity approach – to, firstly, establish our current position and secondly, plan what we needed to do in order to achieve an upper quartile benchmark of ICM performance.

Stuart Furness, Joint Force Development Program Manager, NATO Allied Command Transformation

As a longtime trusted partner, 4C have worked with NATO's core team to match our exercise requirements and improve our capability. This has clearly shown the benefits of commercial solutions in terms of speed and agility.

Lt. Col. Nick Serle, Director Army Warfighting Experiment 17

Exonaut has enabled the British Army to efficiently plan, execute and evaluate its Army Warfighting Experiment… Its success will be judged by the final report and the exploitation of the evidence contained within it; in this respect, Exonaut is a critical enabling component.

Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer at Tele2

By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident reporting and management to the next level.

General Micael Bydén, Supreme Commander, Swedish Armed Forces

When I look back at the last 20 years, working together with the Swedish Armed Forces and 4C Strategies, I see a very positive example of how to develop a military training management tool. Exonaut is the perfect tool for us, not only in planning, but also conducting and evaluating our exercises.

Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services

Managing risk controls in an effective way with Exonaut helps us provide brand protection and safeguard compliance.

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