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ISS’ digital transformation with Exonaut

Exonaut - I am Safe

Background: With facilities management operations in over 70 countries, ISS Facility Services needed a global and uniform solution with full transparency to manage their risk controls and compliance requirements.

Challenge: ISS needed to provide synergies between Risk Management, Internal Audit and Operational functions to avoid duplicating data and workflows across several areas. Due to their widespread operations, the IT-platform needed to be global and cover the risks from a group-wide perspective.

Solution: Exonaut Compliance Manager, a single web-based solution to provide secure, consistent global access and transparency to consolidated risk and compliance information.

Benefits: Automation of compliance reporting and visualisation replaces time-consuming manual processes involving documents, spreadsheets and emails. Distributing email questionnaires and custom templates simplifies the collection of compliance data for the end user, and a single set of risk and compliance controls ensure consistency across business units.

Customer: Founded in Copenhagen in 1901, the ISS Group has grown to become one of the world’s largest facilities management companies with almost 500,000 employees and local operations in more than 70 countries.

The ISS Exonaut® Compliance Management solution is scaled globally to include more than 50 countries with 1000+ users. Each user submits compliance data based on a single catalogue of 400+ risk controls, with the overall status visualised in custom dashboards. The system integrates control monitoring, self-assessment surveys, and custom dashboards to provide a real-time overview of compliance status and risk exposure.

By implementing Exonaut, we get a uniform and integrated global IT solution for risk assessments, control self-assessment & compliance management, with full transparency on how well we manage our risks from a group, country and operational point of view”, says Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services. Providing brand protection and safeguarding compliance is a key element of the ISS value proposition. Exonaut enables us to achieve this objective by establishing a global IT platform which simplifies and harmonises risk and compliance management”.

“Managing risk controls in an effective way with Exonaut helps us provide brand protection and safeguarding compliance”

Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services

Risk & Compliance

Exonaut Compliance Dashboard and Mobile App for inspections, audits and control programs

Exonaut Compliance Manager Features:

Compliance Dashboards. Real-time interactive dashboards and automated reporting visualises your enterprise-wide compliance status.

Data Collection. Survey tool to distribute self-assessments across distributed organisations within Exonaut, its mobile app, or via email.

Task Management. Prioritise, allocate and track tasks as part of your compliance program.

Mobile Inspections. Perform mobile inspections, audits and compliance checks both online and offline, with automatic synchronisation when connection is restored.

Evidence-Based Inspections. Attach evidence (documents, photos, video, audio, etc.) to inspections, audits and self-assessments using mobile app or web interface.

Report Generation. Compliance reports are generated and distributed on an automated basis, with charts, graphs and structured risk data for export in .DOC, .XLS, and .PDF formats.

Operational Resilience Software

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