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4C Strategies is recognised by the global research & advisory firm

Gartner are a trusted research and advisory firm that deliver actionable, objective insight to executives and their teams. Gartner has featured 4C Strategies and our Exonaut solution in several reports and white papers to date.

What do Gartner do?

Gartner Research’s expert guidance and tools enable faster, smarter decisions and stronger performance on an organization’s mission critical priorities. From benchmarks to frameworks to rankings, Gartner provide the practical solutions needed to transform mission-critical priorities into measurable business results.

Gartner reports, hype cycles, and tools have become a trusted industry standard in best practice vendor selection and market research, giving organizations all the information required to make an informed decision on potential solutions and partners.

4C Strategies features in Gartner reports

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Gartner recognises Exonaut for the third year in a row

We are proud to announce that 4C Strategies’ Exonaut platform is named alongside other peer vendors in the Crisis/Emergency Management Solutions Area of Gartner’s latest report.

Our digital platform, Exonaut Resilience, covers the entire resilience cycle from planning and preparation to response, recovery and lessons management. In the report, Gartner rates the benefits of effective Crisis/Emergency Management Solutions as “High” for enterprises.

Exonaut Featured in Gartner Hype Cycle for Business Continuity and IT Resilience

4C Strategies are pleased to announce that Gartner, the global research and advisory firm, has named our Exonaut® software platform in its 2021 Hype Cycle for Business Continuity and IT Resilience. Exonaut is a named vendor for Crisis and Emergency Management Solutions within the resilience software ecosystem.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, organisations have realised the value in using C/EM solutions for crisis management as well as risk prevention and monitoring. Gartner expects that crisis management capabilities will become part of day-to-day operations solutions so that risks can be anticipated early, and action to mitigate or respond can be better executed to protect reputation in the eyes of all stakeholders.

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Exonaut featured in Gartner Crisis / Emergency Management Solutions

Gartner has listed 4C Strategies as one of the Representative Vendors in its newly published 2020 Market Guide for Crisis/Emergency Management (C/E M) Solutions.

4C Strategies’ Exonaut® software, goes beyond crisis/emergency management, to include business continuity, incident and risk management as well as training and exercise management modules in one secure, off-the-shelf solution.

The key findings within the report include the fact that C/E M Solutions are being used by organizations in highly regulated industries, such as utilities, healthcare and financial services, to facilitate command and control during crisis events. Furthermore, there is an industry-wide transition to integrating C/EM solutions into day-to-day operations.

See why Gartner recognises Exonaut

Cerberus 22: Exonaut supports British Army’s largest European exercise in 10+ years

Learn about 4C's instrumental end-to-end support in Exercise Cerberus 22, the British Army’s largest and most ambitious exercise in Europe for over a decade.

Priority planning in an energy crisis with a National Energy Authority

Discover how 4C is supporting Styrel to map, prioritise and protect electricity-dependent critical societal functions.

Digitalizing international incident response training at Shell

Helping Shell better prepare for larger-scale, Tier-3 incidents that require an international response team

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