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"By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident management to the next level"
Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer, Tele2

With the increasing number and complexity of incidents, crisis managers and executive teams often lack the situational awareness for timely, risk-informed decision-making.  Whether it be IT outages, cyber attacks, natural disasters or supply chain disruptions, this changing threat landscape requires a more agile, integrated and mobile-enabled incident tracking and crisis response capability.

Exonaut Incident and Crisis Manager (ICM) is a web-based, end-to-end solution for incident reporting, tracking, and escalation to crisis response. The system integrates mobile reporting templates, custom dashboards, crisis alerts, and decision support tools to manage incidents involving multiple stakeholders. With permissions-based mobile or web-based access, Exonaut ICM allows key stakeholders to coordinate response activities regardless of location.

Exonaut ICM is deployed in mission-critical environments by emergency services, public agencies, multinational companies, financial services, and the transportation sector. Our software developers and implementation teams work closely with our management consultants to ensure that Exonaut continues to innovate based on operational requirements, from the control room to the front lines.


  • Alerting Tools. Automatically notify stakeholders, individually or by group, with SMS alerts, email and push notifications.

  • Command and Control. Take control of your crisis response with GIS mapping tools, an automated log of minutes and actions, and centralised task management to execute crisis plans.

  • Secure Communications. Collaborate and communicate through the web and mobile app in a secure, encrypted manner.

  • Custom Dashboards. Comprehensive overviews of incident metrics, deviation trends, and crisis-related information and maps.

  • Mobile Access. Mobile app provides personnel with permissions-based access to updated crisis plans, task lists, and the latest situation updates.

  • Automated Reporting. Custom reports are generated and distributed on an automated basis, with charts, graphs and structured incident data for export in .DOC, .XLS, and .PDF formats.


  • Common Operating Picture: Visualise organisational threats and resources for planning, monitoring and responding to crises.

  • Faster Crisis Response. Mobilisation of Crisis Management Teams (CMTs) can be instantly triggered when a certain type of event occurs, saving valuable time in times of crisis.

  • Data Exchange. Multiple, secure communication channels increase information sharing, breaking down silos within and between organisations.

  • Information Security. Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and NATO accreditation to Secret and Unclassified level. Cloud services hosted in Sweden within Tier 3 data centers certified by the Uptime Institute.

  • Digital Audit Trail. All incident logs, actions and reports stored in the same place, as a digital audit trail for effective and transparent after-action review.

  • Scalable Growth. Fully scalable based on number of users as well as integration with other Exonaut solutions, including Risk Management, Business Continuity and Training and Exercises.

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