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Exonaut: Powering the US Army’s Training Management Tool (TMT)

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As the US Army gears up its application of advanced emerging technologies, we find out more about just one of the cogs — the Training Management Tool (TMT) powered by Exonaut® — in the Synthetic Training Environment (STE).

The STE is the U.S. Army’s cornerstone program designed to revolutionise the Army’s entire training paradigm in a way that ensures capabilities overmatch and enhance readiness. This shift to next-generation training capabilities will see the realisation of improved efficiencies as the virtual, constructive and gaming training environments converge into a centralised environment — capable of mimicking and enhancing the complexities of the real world. The STE is being designed to provide training services to ground, dismounted and aerial platforms and command posts (CP) at the point-of-need (PoN). Once fully fielded, the US Army will be able to take full advantage of cognitive, collective, multi-echelon training and mission rehearsal capabilities across all three (3) training domains; Operational, Institutional and Self-Development.

Key to this undertaking is Training Simulation Software (TSS)/TMT developed by Cole Engineering Services Inc. (CESI) in response to the STE-Information System (STE-IS) requirement. TMT — a core component of the TSS/TMT, will provide participants within the virtual environment with the capability to plan, prepare, execute, and assess multi-echelon, multi-domain training and mission rehearsal capability. Powered by 4C Strategies’ (4C) Exonaut, the TMT will support the ability for Commanders, Staffs, Trainers, Leaders and Soldiers alike to ‘train as they fight’, in the most appropriate domain, from any PoN.

Much like the US Army, organisations the world over are driven by the ever-increasing need to improve readiness in the face of technological adversaries and have sought to close the capabilities gap through the application of emerging technological advancements into existing training capabilities.

Exonaut — with its modular open architecture, NATO Secret accreditation, and data-driven outcomes — affords users the ability to digitise, integrate, evaluate, and manage end-to-end training and exercise data via a fully customisable, encrypted, and scalable visualisation dashboard. Leveraging these core capabilities, Exonaut has proven an invaluable asset in support of military training and exercise management, supporting infrastructure solutions for organisations such as the US Marine CorpsUK Ministry of Defence (MOD)British ArmySwedish Armed Forces (SAF)Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), National Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the European Union (EU), amongst others.

In support of the US Army’s STE requirements, Exonaut is fulfilling the need for a sophisticated, multi-domain Training Management Tool, as well as supporting cost-reduction initiatives through drastic reductions in resource requirements for exercise planning. Leveraging its services-based framework, as Exonaut is expanded to the full TMT requirement it will support the US Army’s objectives to ensure ease of integration with existing capabilities as well as emerging or future-state capabilities. Perhaps most importantly, Exonaut is supporting the alignment of training availability which is not just available — but is founded in doctrine, and maintains relevancy by utilising the Army Enterprise Network, Common Operating Environment, Operational Global Terrain, Army Enterprise Database Cloud, Mission Command Information Systems, and numerous other Authoritative sources.

“It’s an honour to be providing a digital tool that powers the TMT,” says Michael Coss, former US Army Colonel and 4C North America President. “Having served in the US Army for 32 years, it feels natural to be a part of this new training paradigm that will prepare our Warfighters for the future. What we are currently witnessing in Europe, with the war in Ukraine, shows just how important it is to train effectively and to maximum capabilities. Exonaut can help the US Army achieve this.”

“It’s an honour to be providing a digital tool that powers the TMT. Having served in the US Army for 32 years, it feels natural to be a part of this new training paradigm that will prepare our Warfighters for the future.”

Michael Coss, President of 4C North America

“As the wife of an Army Veteran, it is a privilege to support the development of such an important evolution in the US Army’s efforts to close the current and future training gaps” says Jenna Tuck, 4C North America Director of Business Development. “And as an advocate of increased application of relevant data to increase training effectiveness, it is exciting to play a part in the fielding of a secure — yet still modular — open system architecture, which is both compatible with the US Army’s standards, environment and doctrines — and also supports simplified integrations with other providers.”

4C is a subcontractor to Cole Engineering Services Inc (CESI) — prime contractor for the Training Simulation Software / Training Management Tool (TSS/TMT) in support of the STE Integrated Training Environment (STE-ITE) requirement. 4C is tasked with developing the TMT in support of the TSS/TMT solution, currently scheduled to be fielded in 2023.

TMT — Powered by Exonaut — is supporting the achievement of key US Army requirements by offering the following capabilities:

Delivers Reductions:

  • Integration of Terrain databases
  • Hardware and software engineering costs
  • Contractor costs
  • Fixed site training facilities
  • Time to plan, prepare, execute and assess at all echelon level

Meets standards and Utilises:

  • The Army Enterprise Network
  • Common Operating Environment
  • Operational Global Terrain
  • Army Enterprise Database Cloud
  • All Mission Command Information Systems
  • Relevant Adaptable Technology

Increases Training Readiness:

  • Train as they fight
  • Availability anywhere that Soldiers need to Train
  • Replicates current and future threats
  • Multi-echelon, Combined Arms, Multi-Domain, Joint exercises
  • Closes current/future training gaps
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Military Training Management Solutions

Programming, designing, delivering and evaluating objective based training and exercises to support capability development.

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