Military Exercise Management Software

Collaborative, objective-based solution for military exercise management

Training and exercise management
"As a longtime trusted partner, 4C have worked with NATO's core team to match our exercise requirements and improve our capability. This has clearly shown the benefits of commercial solutions in terms of speed and agility.”
Stuart Furness, Joint Force Development Programme Manager, NATO Allied Command Transformation

Exercises, from the simple table-top to the complex, distributed, and multi-agency training events, require careful planning, detailed resourcing and agile, dynamic execution. Whilst this is possible using Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, doing so is time intensive, prone to version control error and lacks the flexibility required to make best use of the valuable resource committed to the enterprise. As the level of complexity, data and exercise demands continues to grow, an automated and purpose-built solution is required.

The Exonaut Training and Exercise Manager is the world’s leading solution for an objective based and collaborative approach to the design, development, delivery, evaluation and exploitation of all training activities across an organisation’s readiness programme. Highly scalable, Exonaut offers a range of powerful and intuitive tools to manage and track training activities from individual training, low-level table-top exercises, and large-scale distributed exercises supported by synthetic training simulations, across the LVC domains, with multiple, complex objective sets. Exonaut also supports the ability to control integrated simulators, giving exercise control the ability to execute actions in constructive simulators through pre-scripted events and injects.



  • Exercise Management. Collaboratively plan, deliver and evaluate objective-based exercises in an agile, transparent platform featuring dashboard overviews, dynamic mapping and progression tracking.

  • Trend Analysis. Visualise, analyse and exploit trends in training performance and delivery based on Exonaut data or integrated external sources.

  • Agile and Simple Re-planning. Real-time evaluation against exercise and training objectives allows for rapid re-planning of ongoing training events.

  • Mobile Application. Distribute information, observe and collect exercise results in real-time from the field with our mobile Android and iOS interface.

  • Single system with seamless integration. Supports integration with third party training, simulation, command and control, and exercise systems.


  • Real-time Data Visualisation. Dashboard overviews and automated reports provide real-time visualisation of training risk, results and progression.

  • Cost Efficiency. Recording all exercise objectives, scenarios and injects etc on a single system allows for the re-use of exercise activities, saving time and money for organisations and exercise planners.

  • Coherence. Single set of objectives, standards and exercise documentation ensures consistency across training activities.

  • Accredited and Secure. Advanced permissions and security protocols; accredited for SECRET information by several Armed Forces and NATO.

  • Transparency and Cooperation. By recording all planning, delivery and evaluation data, the system enables greater collaboration, transparency and efficiency in the training life cycle.

David Paterson, 4C Group Military Director, discusses the Exonaut® software partnership with NATO

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