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WISE 2023

Whole Industry Simulation Exercise - Developing crisis management and readiness in APAC Financial Services.
16 Nov 2023      13:00 - 17:00

Strengthening resilience of the world's Financial Services leaders

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    Develop the resilience you need to face an uncertain future
    Gain the skills, processes, and knowledge needed to strategically manage and respond to major incidents and crises. From stakeholder management and coordination to crisis communications.
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    Increase awareness of threats to Financial Services
    Gain a better understanding of the current and emerging risk landscape facing the APAC Financial Services sector
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    Review and assess your preparedness
    Identify your readiness level and learn where you're vulnerable. Review, measure, and improve your organization's ability to mitigate and adapt to crises and risk
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    Put your crisis management to the test
    Take part in immersive simulated exercises that test your organization's resilience and reveal the quality of your crisis management team and plans

Your programme

w/c July 17
Exercise Kick Off
Open for all
Jul 19 - 09:30

Arrival at venue

Our venue - HKMA Office, 2 IFC, Central (56th Floor, room 5608) - opens for all arrivals and registration prior to the day's sessions.
Jul 19 - 10:00

Welcome & Introductions

Jul 19 - 10:30

Exercise briefing

Briefing all participants, including SPOCs, Evaluation and Scenario leads on the exercise format, how Exonaut will be used in planning and delivery, their roles, responsibilities, and timelines.
Jul 19 - 12:30


Jul 19 - 13:30

Capability Maturity Model workshop

A workshop with all participating firms to introduce and contextualise the 4C Strategies Capability Maturity Model and the role it will play in facilitating learnings and analysis in the exercise.
Jul 19 - 15:30

Introduction to Exonaut

Jul 19 - 17:00

End of day

Jul 20 - 09:30

Arrival at venue

Our venue - Citibank, 50th Floor, Champion Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central - opens for all arrivals and registration prior to the day's sessions.
Jul 20 - 10:00

Scenario Development workshop

A discussion-based session to confirm high-level events and incidents for the baseline scenario, covering everything from injects to using the Exonaut platform during the exercise.
Jul 20 - 12:00


Jul 20 - 13:30

Scenario Development in Exonaut

Jul 20 - 16:00

End of day

w/c Sep 25
Scenario Validation, Crisis Management Training & Rehearsal
Participants only


Details to be confirmed soon
Nov 16
Participants only
13:00 - 17:00

Exercise delivery

The Whole Industry Simulated Exercise will take place, with participants connected from their location of choice to run their crisis management teams through the exercise.

What is WISE 2023?

WISE 2023 is an industry-wide exercise for Financial Services firms in Hong Kong, designed to test a crisis management team’s ability to manage and respond to a major crisis.

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Why take part in WISE 2023?

Organizations that join this industry-wide initiative will enhance the resilience of the world-class Financial Services industry, building a stronger sector and region through collective improvement.

Organizations can also expect a host of benefits from taking part in WISE 2023, including:

  • Develop the resilience you need to face an uncertain future
  • Full participation in an immersive simulated exercise for your entire crisis management team
  • Cost efficient, high-quality crisis management training
  • Gain insight into incident management best practice, benchmarking performance against a Capability Maturity Model
  • Full access to subject matter experts and briefing sessions with crisis management leaders
  • Regular briefings and workshops on effective crisis management and impactful crisis communications

“The greatest threat to Financial Services firms at this time is a severe, multi-faceted crisis. Building resilience and capability with industry-wide exercises like this is one of the most powerful tools we have for facing an uncertain future and ensuring the continued success of our industry.”

Hozefa Badri, Head of Business Continuity and Incident Management (BCIM) - HSBC, Hong Kong & Macau

Eligible Participants

All banks, securities houses, asset management firms and insurance firms in Hong Kong


HK$50,000 per participating organization

Get in touch

For any further questions not found in our FAQ below, expression of interest or registration for an industry briefing, please contact


Please register your interest in participating in WISE 2023 by filling in the form below.

WISE 2023 Registration

Participant details

Thank you!

Your registration request has been submitted for approval. You will receive an email regarding your registration status. We will process your request and get back to you shortly.

Please note: If you do not identify individuals to take the role(s) of scenario manger and lead evaluator, your single point of contact agrees to attend and pass on any information if required.

Roles & Responsibilities

Single Point of Contact / Facilitator


  • Main point of contact between the exercise and the participating firm
  • Conduct pre-exercise briefing for the participating firm
  • Participate in all Exonaut activities


  • Deliver the pre-exercise brief to the participants
  • Monitor Players’ reaction to the Scenario
  • Liaise with EXCON on inject flow and the level (tempo) of Player participation
  • Evaluation
  • Exonaut SME

Evaluation Lead


  • Provide feedback to develop objectives
  • Coordinate internal evaluation
  • Exonaut training
  • Train internal observers (depending upon level of participation)


  • Make observations in Exonaut against the exercise objectives based on observing the Players and how they respond
  • Monitor sentiment and performance (in collaboration with SPOC) to ensure objectives are met
  • Facilitate the hot debrief sessions at the conclusion of the exercise. Ensure cold debrief is submitted
  • Write Post Exercise Report assessment and sign off Post Exercise Report

Scenario Lead


  • Provide feedback to the scenario development process to ensure the scenario stands up to scrutiny and that there is enough material for the participating firm to exercise with
  • Accountable for firm specific injects


  • Role play in order to deliver injects to the exercise if required
  • Provide SME advice and responses during the exercise
  • Be able to hot script new events depending on Player responses

In partnership with the Hong Kong Financial Services Business Continuity Management (HKFSBCM) Forum, 4C Strategies will develop, prepare and deliver WISE 2023.

4C Strategies is the leading provider of training readiness and organisational resilience solutions. With over 20 years of expertise, we support high-profile international institutions, global enterprises and Fortune 500 companies – including Shell, Verizon and international banks and insurers – across 100 countries. We help you to train effectively and be ready for the resilience challenges ahead.

Our innovative Exonaut® platform empowers capability development, building on key insights to prepare your operations for the future, allowing you to transform training, rethink risk, manage crises, and uphold continuity.


How many organizations will participate?

Is WISE 2023 mandatory?

Does WISE 2023 test the technical aspects of our business continuity plans or strength-test our cyber security?

Is this a test? What happens if we don’t perform well?

Will the results be publicized?

Who in my organization should participate?

Where will it take place?

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.