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4C Strategies began working in Asia Pacific in 2013 as a supplier of military training management software to the Australian Army, bringing our world-class resilience and readiness solutions to the APAC region. In 2022, we opened our first Australian office in Brisbane.

About 4C

4C Strategies is the leading provider of training readiness and organisational resilience solutions. With over 20 years of expertise, we support high-profile international institutions, global enterprises and armed forces across 100 countries. We help you to train effectively and be ready for the resilience challenges ahead.

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We offer a broad range of tailored solutions to manage complex exercises, enhance readiness and build safer, more resilient organizations. Book a free live demo or meet with one of our expert consultants and APAC leaders to discuss your requirements.

Exonaut® has been central to the Australian Army’s Combat Training Centre exercise management and training assurance process since it was first deployed.

Building on a long-standing relation with the Australian Armed Forces, 4C Strategies has also worked with partners in the region to assist with the management and response to critical incidents such as serious flooding.

The Australian and wider APAC market is an important growth market for 4C Strategies, with clear training and preparedness requirements within both the military training space and a range of areas public and corporate areas, including disaster management and response and crisis management.

Strong military foundations

Our growing military footprint in the region is based on a strong foundation of skilled ex-military personnel and a proven history of serving armed forces. The British Army has been using Exonaut for more than a decade as the backbone of its Collective Training and Exercise ManagementThe Swedish Armed Forces have been using Exonaut for two decades, and NATO uses Exonaut for its Electronic Military Training and Exercise Program. We also develop training management solutions for the US Army and the US Marines.

Exonaut has received NATO Unclassified and Secret Accreditation.

Public & corporate applications

Other current use cases in Australia include crisis management and disaster recovery. Exonaut has been used multiple times by Australian authorities during serious flooding for creating and securely sharing situation awareness reports.

“We see a great potential for expansion in the APAC region. Both by getting closer to our existing customers in the region, and by reaching a larger client base, through a local presence on the ground. Effectively preparing for and responding to crises and potential business disruptions have never been more important, and the best way to do this is with a dedicated resilience platform like Exonaut.”

Magnus Bergqvist, 4C Strategies CEO

Regional contacts

Regional contacts

Our office

Level 4, 80 Ann Street,

Brisbane, Queensland 4000

+61 737 78 4654

“Now is the perfect opportunity to build on and expand the long-term relationship we have with the Australian Armed Forces and use it as a springboard across the wider APAC region. 4C is investing to develop a dedicated Australia-based team to support customers throughout the APAC region, ensuring responsiveness and creating new opportunities.”

Jonas Jonsson, Managing Director 4C International

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