Risk Management and Cyber Security in the financial sector

Risk Management and Cyber Security in the financial sector

"It's impossible to manage unidentified risks", said 4C’s founder, Chairman and Head of Products and Innovation, Andreas Hedskog, while presenting his view on the current risk landscape.

4C Strategies held a well-attended seminar, of about 40 representatives from the Swedish financial sector, on the theme Cyberhot: Trends and tools for effective defense during Friday morning.

In the Financial sector, the biggest risks are cyber related. How can financial institutions achieve a level of readiness that make them prepared to manage the unexpected in a way that actually creates value instead decreasing it?

This and many other Risk Management and Cyber Security related questions were discussed at the fully booked 4C Strategies Finance Breakfast Seminar on Friday morning, where Andreas provided the audience with hands-on suggestions on how cyber security threats and incidents can be managed and mitigated in a successful and value-adding manner.


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