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Collaborative, objective-based solutions for military exercise management

Exonaut Training and Exercise Manager


The world’s leading solution for the design, development, delivery, evaluation and exploitation of all training and exercise activities – essential for a best-in-class readiness programme.

“As a longtime trusted partner, 4C have worked with NATO’s core team to match our exercise requirements and improve our capability. This has clearly shown the benefits of commercial solutions in terms of speed and agility.”

Stuart Furness, Joint Force Development Programme Manager, NATO Allied Command Transformation

Exonaut has become the global de facto standard for military training and exercise management software.

Exonaut helps users assess, visualise and exploit training data to support decision making, build capabilities and increase your training readiness. Highly scalable and configurable, the platform enables allied forces across the globe to plan, programme, design, manage and optimise complex exercises, training progressions and experimentation.

Motivating individual soldiers with MyMIMIR

Read the case study on how Exonaut proved a game-changer for the British Army’s collective training management: MyMIMIR.


Exonaut is highly scalable and offers a range of powerful and intuitive tools to manage and track training activities that bring an objective-based, collaborative approach to training and exercise management.

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  • Exercise Management

Leverage dashboard overviews, dynamic mapping and progression tracking. Collaborate, plan, deliver and evaluate objective-based exercises with an agile, transparent platform.

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  • Trend Analysis

Visualise, analyse and exploit trends in training performance and delivery using data from Exonaut and integrated external sources.

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  • Real-time Data Visualisation

Dashboards and automated reports offer real-time visualisation of risk, results and progression. Tailor and build visualisations that deliver key insights that matter.

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  • Streamline Costs

Save time and resource by recording all exercise objectives, scenarios and injects in a single system.

Exonaut is purpose-built for end-to-end support of collective and individual training. From low-level table-top exercises to large-scale distributed exercises, supported by synthetic training simulations across the live, virtual and constructive spectrum, with multiple complex objective sets – Exonaut has it covered.

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  • Agile and Simple Re-planning

Perform real-time evaluation against exercise and training objectives, allowing rapid re-planning of live training events.

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  • Mobile Application

Distribute information and observe and collect exercise results in real-time straight from the field with our mobile iOS and Android interface.

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  • Consistent and Accurate

Ensure consistency and accuracy across training activities with a single set of objectives, standards and documentation.

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  • Accredited and Secure

Keep data secure with advanced permissions and security protocols. Exonaut is NATO Secret accredited and utilized by multiple Armed Forces.


Exonaut supports the control of integrated simulators, giving exercise control the ability to execute actions in constructive simulators through pre-scripted events and injects.

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  • Single System with Seamless Integration

Exonaut seamlessly integrates with third-party training, command and control, simulation, and exercise systems – bringing the best of connected systems into one hub.

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  • Transparency and Cooperation

Recording all planning, delivery and evaluation data in Exonaut enables effective collaboration, transparency and efficiency in the training life cycle.

Managing exercise complexity

Exercises – from simple table-top to complex, distributed, multi-agency training events – require careful planning, detailed resourcing and agile, dynamic execution.

Exonaut is the only tool that gives you end-to-end training and exercise management in one go-to platform. From planning through to execution and evaluation, it provides a single point for all your training needs, reducing complexity that otherwise can spiral out of control.

Complexity compounds as demand grows

This level of management is technically possible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, but this invariably leads you down a road of outdated, duplicate versions, time intensive collaboration and a lack of the flexibility needed to create added value across the board.

Worse still, as the level of complexity, data and exercise demands grow, these pain points become exponentially more challenging to overcome. An automated, purpose-built solution becomes the only answer.

Hear from General Micael Bydén, the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, who discusses 20 years of working with Exonaut and 4C Strategies and the digitalisation of military capability development.

See Exonaut in action

4C Strategies provides military clients with a broad range of tailored solutions designed to manage complex exercises, enable capability development, and enhance readiness across the organisation. Book a free, live demo or meet with one of our expert consultants to discuss your requirements.

See what Exonaut can do

[Video:] REPMUS 23 – The future of NATO technology

Watch our video case study to see Exonaut played a key role in NATO's cutting edge robotics exercise, powering the future of warfighting and maritime operations.

Cerberus 22 – Supporting British Army’s largest European exercise in 10+ years

Learn about 4C's instrumental end-to-end support in Exercise Cerberus 22, the British Army’s largest and most ambitious exercise in Europe for over a decade.

Commonwealth Games Training – Supporting HQ West Midlands

Exercise Blue MacCaw was a mission rehearsal exercise for the British Army’s Headquarters West Midlands, designed to test its ability to deliver security, ceremonial, and

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.