27 Nov 2019
08.45 - 11.00

From Crisis to Continuity: Innovations in Business Resilience

4C Strategies had the pleasure of organising and hosting a breakfast briefing at the iconic Gherkin in the City of London. On this occasion, the theme for the day was From Crisis to Continuity – Innovations in Business Resilience. It is generally accepted that integrating Business Continuity Management into our daily operations is essential to building and maintaining the required level of organisational resilience needed to manage and recover effectively from an incident which effects critical processes. We asked our speakers from GE Healthcare and Openreach to discuss how their organisations have achieved this through innovation and technology.

We were proud to once again organise this fully booked event, with participants travelling from across Europe to join us. Bernie Auguste, Director of Security and Resilience at Openreach discussed how to manage BC while going through major organisational change as well as growth, going from copper to full fibre. Bernie Auguste further ended his speech with highlighting the importance of innovations and ´Its all about not standing still´.

Niclas Johansson, Global BCM Leader at GE Healthcare, further explored the challenges that faces a global business with many layers of complex and critical processes. Throughout his talk, Niclas Johansson emphasised the importance of embedding Business Continuity in the wider activities of the organisation, a challenge that many participants of the audience shared.

Finally, 4C Strategies’ own Ben White, who leads our UK-based Resilience Consulting team invited our guests to experience how we have developed a new Business Continuity Management System, using our proprietary software, Exonaut. This solution enables our BCM customers to document interactive Business Impact Analysis maps, track the status of their Business Continuity Plans, and distribute pre-defined tasks to pre-set groups or individuals at the time of a disruption. All in a quick, intuitive and secure manner.




Bernie Auguste, Director of Security and Resilience, Openreach

The future is “Full Fibre”

As we move from Copper networks to a future “fully fibred” world we need to understand, from a Business Continuity Management & Incident Management perspective, how we can best support service resilience. Current herculean effort by our people to restore service, whilst brilliant, may not be not enough in  “even more always on” world where not meeting customer / social expectations could damage reputation. We need to understand future risks and plan for the future.

Niclas Johansson, Global BCM Leader, GE Healthcare

Managing BCM to secure Pharma customers´ needs

Companies in the Biopharmaceutical industry can´t always transfer manufacturing processes to other locations in case of an unforeseen incident due to regulations in the Pharma industry. How can resilience and BCM secure supply to customer even if a major incident occurs?

Ben White, Senior Consultant, 4C Strategies

Digitising the BCMS: Can we break down the silos of BCM and Incident / Crisis Response?

Can we really digitise the process of managing and delivering an effective BCMS; and how can we break down the silos of BCM and Crisis Management to ensure that there is a direct link from a BCMS to our Crisis Management Response? Ben will look at some of the common issues facing some Business continuity managers today and how we can potentially use software in what is potentially a new way to support our work. The talk will conclude by providing some food for thought on how we can simplify, deliver efficiency, and automate some of our practices to deliver efficient and effective organisational resilience

Business Continuity Management Case Studies

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I agree to be contacted for the purpose indicated above, and to receive information about 4C Strategies’ products, services and events. To learn more about how 4C Strategies process data, please read our privacy statement.