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Dependency Mapping – IT Disaster Recovery – Continuity Dashboards

"We wanted to look beyond the traditional BCM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk, while having solid foundations to minimise the risk of whatever unprecedented issues and potential threats may arise. This led us to work with 4C Strategies."
Director Security and Resilience, Openreach

Continuity of critical processes in the event of major disruption is not a given. It requires management commitment, time, user-friendly tools and an embedded culture of preparedness. 4C Strategies provides both business continuity services and software solutions for a fully integrated approach to building organisational resilience.

Exonaut Business Continuity Manager is a web-based, end-to-end solution to maintain organisational resilience and ensure efficient recovery during a business outage. The solution digitalises the full business continuity programme, including continuity planning, risk assessments, incident management and disaster tracking. Customised continuity dashboards provide a comprehensive status overview of critical resources and response efforts in real-time, enabling risk-informed decision-making.


  • Integrated Continuity. Connect business and IT continuity in the same system with risk and incident management for robust organisational resilience.

  • Custom Dashboards. Visualise continuity plan status and risk exposure with customised, real-time dashboards.

  • BIA Mapping. Visualise the relationships between business functions, critical dependencies and resource usage (workforce, facilities, IT, suppliers/third parties, equipment, etc)

  • Risk Assessments. Conduct risk assessments against probability of exceeding RTOs/MTPDs.

  • Continuity Plan Testing. Develop, review, test and invoke business continuity plans using either web or mobile applications.

  • Document Management. Permission-based access to updated continuity plans and documents for each asset.


  • Situational Awareness. Dashboards provide a real-time executive overview of critical dependencies as well as operational, organisational and IT continuity status.

  • Consistency. Structured and consistent approach to BCM planning, validation and execution that saves time in recovery plan management.

  • Information Security. Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and NATO accreditation to Secret and Unclassified level. Cloud services hosted in Sweden within Tier 3 data centers certified by the Uptime Institute.

  • Simplified Task Management. Invocation of BCPs creates workflow of tasks and notifications, distributed enterprise-wide to the right individuals and functions.

  • Simplified Reporting. Save time and resources in the digital collection, consolidation and reporting of BCM program trends and recovery status.

  • Scalable Growth. Fully scalable based on number of users as well as integration with other Exonaut solutions for Risk, Compliance and Incident Management.

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