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Exonaut® 17.2 is now generally available

Version 17.2 of the Exonaut® Readiness Management Platform

Exonaut® 17.2 is now Generally Available

4C Strategies is pleased to announce that version 17.2 of Readiness Management Software suite, Exonaut, is Generally Available. Release highlights include:

Incident reporting for matrix organisations – Exonaut 17.2 allows the reporting of sensitive incidents to the right people, roles and locations within a complex matrix organisation. The reporting system is quick and easy to configure, providing user-friendly templates for incident logging.

New entity features –Numerous improvements have been made to manage entities, the building blocks of your organisation. This includes the ability to colour entities, create entities from users in the system, and connect GPS, satellite or other devices to entities in order to dynamically track their movement in the map view.

New notification engine – Exonaut 17.2 simplifies and streamlines the task of distributing and scheduling thousands of alerts and questionnaires across a global organization. For example, customised notifications can ensure that the entire crisis management team is updated through SMS when a specific crisis log item is added.

Fully customisable reporting templates – Exonaut 17.2 provides an easy and intuitive interface for a first time user, to perform simple tasks like incident reporting or answering risk control surveys. For those users, we have further enabled the distribution of reporting templates within recognizable channels like intranets, web portals and email. Exonaut 17.2 allows for simplified, permissions-based access to these reporting templates,  minimizing the effort required to submit information into the system.

Scheduled reports – Exonaut 17.2 schedules and automatically disseminates customised reports in Word, Excel, HTML and pdf-format to predefined users, for online publication, email distribution, or data analysis.

For more information about the Exonaut 17.2 release, and how it can help with your ongoing Readiness activities, please contact your Account Manager at 4C Strategies or the Exonaut Support team via the Exonaut Service Desk.


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