Managing Risks for Alpine Ski World Championships in Åre

No room for error when 700 million people are watching

Åre 2019 partnered with 4C Strategies, one of the world’s leading experts in risk and crisis management, to enhance its resilience in case of unexpected events before and during the Championships. Taking a proactive approach to risk and contingency planning was a key factor in ensuring successful Championships.


In addition to a holistic approach to sustainability, one of the focus areas in the planning and preparations for Åre 2019 has been the effective management of risks that may impact a major Championship. To mitigate risks and ensure continuity, Åre 2019 partnered with 4C Strategies to devise strategies and procedures in all key areas that must function without interruption.

– Our partnership with 4C Strategies provided us with leading international expertise combined with local know-how, said Niklas Carlsson, CEO of Åre 2019. With the entire world watching, there is no room for error.

Solution/Key insights

Prime examples included lift operations and power supply under all circumstances and in all weather conditions. During the ongoing construction period, Åre 2019 conducted regular tests of crisis and contingency plans while various scenarios were discussed and verified to ensure functioning processes across the entire organization.

– Thanks to the extensive preparation together with 4C Strategies well before the Championships, we could raise to the occasion and further elevate our performance, stated Niklas Carlsson.

“With the entire world watching, there is no room for error.”

There could not be a more experienced partner for large, complex events than the one Åre 2019 has chosen; 4C Strategies has completed similar assignments in connection with royal weddings and the Eurovision Song Contest as well as for various high-profile state visits.

– Bringing it over the finish line was critical to completing the task we have taken upon ourselves, and the plan we have defined with 4C Strategies helped us guide everyone in the organisation. Our overall mission was to carry out excellent and fair competitions for all athletes, concluded Carlsson.

“Strategies and procedures for all key areas that must function without interruption.”

– 4C Strategies has long experience in assisting with risk and crisis management for industries that have high risk exposure and high expectations, such as air travel, defence and finance. What made Åre 2019 unique was that nothing could go wrong during a very limited period of time, and its media exposure was massive on a global scale. Our aim is to work with demanding customers who take these issues seriously and Åre 2019 fits the bill, said Jonatan Jürisoo, project responsible and Business Development Manager at 4C Strategies.

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