The contemporary nature of warfare set against the backdrop of significant resource constraint has required the military sector to think differently about risk management.

This new landscape requires a cohesive and consistent training and exercise management system which provides the ability to audit, track, and visualise readiness and risk.

We work with the military sector to support the planning and resourcing of training; the management of training progression; the articulation of training risk; and, support to the assurance process. In addition, we provide complete exercise solutions for headquarters and formations. Subject matter experts assist with training management, scenario development, media play, and observation in order to deliver the best possible training outcomes. 

With more than ten years of experience working with militaries around the world, we deliver solutions in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. 4C Strategies also works with partners in selected markets to ensure responsive local support.

4C Strategies provides military clients with a broad range of tailored solutions designed to enhance readiness across the organisation.

Our solutions in this area include:

Enterprise and Project Risk Management: We support the evaluation, control and monitoring of risks across all parts of the institution. We can equip teams in distributed headquarters and locations with tools to gather and report real-time risk data in a timely and usable manner. This data feeds into management dashboards, enabling commanders to review risk exposure at all times.

Capability Development: We provide capability development support, ranging from Incident and Crisis Management (ICM) training through to scenario exercising. Thorough analysis, preparation and planning, underpinned by regular practice, are the key to satisfactory performance when managing incidents and crises. With significant experience in the risk management, business continuity, and training and exercise solutions, we provide organisations with the tools to handle incidents and crises effectively.

4C Strategies with the British Army in Kenya.

Audit and Compliance: Today’s regulatory requirements are as relevant to the military as to any corporate organisation. We help to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance preparations, reviewing polices and risk management procedures over the course of a compliance audit. We provide tools which capture the outputs from multiple streams of assurance activity e.g. performance tracking of compliance and regulatory requirements and the identification of risk. An enterprise-wide view delivers enhanced management reporting and enables executive prioritisation of organisational time, effort and investment. 

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools.

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