The manufacturing sector plays a critical role in today’s globalised economy.

From global sourcing and supply chain management to product recall, risk management in the manufacturing sector requires specialist insight and knowledge. Defining, implementing and maintaining a robust and integrated risk management strategy in this sector is a challenge. However, 4C Strategies solutions can enable clients to increase their resilience and competitiveness, whilst also reducing insurance costs.

4C Strategies works with clients in the manufacturing industry to develop solutions that are pragmatic and that support the creation of a state of readiness.

Our solutions in this area include:

Enterprise and Project Risk: We support the evaluation, control and monitoring of risks across all parts of an organisation. We can equip teams working in remote locations with tools which enable them to gather and report real-time risk data in a timely and user-friendly manner. This data feeds into management dashboards, enabling executives to compare risk exposure across different parts of the business and/or their geographical locations.

Capability Development: We provide support to the development of Incident and Crisis Management (ICM) capability through training and exercises to strengthen our clients’ ability to manage incidents no matter what the size or scale. Our tools provide a platform through which responses to virtual scenarios can be played out and tested. They also support real-time crisis management, enabling notification, information logging and crisis communication.

Continuity and IT Recovery: We provide methods, tools and support in the development of continuity plans covering all aspects of the manufacturing process, including supply chain-management. We also specialise in helping clients to identify their IT resilience requirements and implement measures to support continuity and recovery in the event of major system failure.

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools.

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