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Five reasons why Military is in our DNA


At 4C, military is in our DNA. From the people who work here, to the solutions and services we provide. We look at five of the reasons why…

Military Software

Our Exonaut software was originally designed for military use when 4C founder, Andreas Hedskog, was serving in the Swedish Armed Forces. Today, 20 years since the initial concept was born, it has become the de facto standard for military training and exercise management – used by national armed forces on four continents as well as by NATO. From the collaborative training management of complex exercises to individual soldier performance tracking and data exploitation, Exonaut always delivers.

Andreas Hedskog tells the 20-year story of Exonaut

Find out more about our military software

Military People

Many of our staff and advisors have a military background. Across the Service and rank spectrum, their experience proves invaluable when developing our software, building our solutions and supporting our military customers. Having experienced extensive training and exercises in different militaries they understand the requirements and how things can be improved, and are also familiar with current concepts, doctrine and training systems.

Meet 4C Military Director, former British Army Brigadier, David Paterson

Find out more about retired Norwegian Army Colonel Geir Fonstad at 4C in Norway

Military Partnerships

Our partnerships often go beyond the traditional boundaries of a business relationship. For instance, we have a strategic recruitment partnership with the Swedish Armed Forces that supports the exchange of appropriately qualified personal between each organisation. According to the agreement, 4C employees can take an operational role in the Swedish Armed Forces when conducting training or education, or indeed take leave from 4C to serve in the Swedish military. Concurrently, the partnership has opened up a new channel for the recruitment of Swedish Armed Forces personal who are leaving service and wish to apply their skills and experience at 4C.

Former Officer Nina Larsson tells us more about the agreement

4C’s US President, retired Army Colonel Michael (Chief) Coss, shares his opinion on why the US Army keeps choosing 4C

Military Exercises

Although our ex-military staff no longer serve, they continue to plan, run and support armed forces on military exercises. From small-scale training to large-scale, multi-domain, multinational exercises, our consultants are on hand to ensure exercises go according to plan and training goals are reached effectively. If hardware is needed, we make sure it’s there and working. If training data tells us an exercise should be altered mid-event, we’ll alert Command and make the necessary changes. If soldiers are bedding down in the jungle for the night, we’ll do the same – after we’ve compiled reports from the day’s activities.

Former Sergeant Gareth Bennet tells us what’s expected of a 4C Consultant at a major interoperability exercise with over 5000 troops

Discover more about the support we provide in austere environments

Military Welfare

As an organisation, we believe in preserving and contributing to the welfare of those who serve or have served in the military. We have an open-door policy for staff who want to talk about their military involvement and offer counselling if requested. We are an active recruiter of ex-military personnel and we support their involvement and continued service in the Reserve forces. We also sponsor the Armed Forces Covenant, which proudly supports those who serve in a number of areas including: education and family well-being; having a home; starting a new career; access to healthcare; and financial assistance.

Read more about the Armed Forces Covenant
Find out more about 4C and the military

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