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Exonaut® 16 is now generally available

Exonaut release, version 16

Today, we at 4C Strategies are very pleased to announce that version 16 of our Readiness Management Software suite, Exonaut®, is generally available.

Release highlights:

New objective and control functions – Exonaut® now features a multitude of new algorithms for calculating the current status of your organisation. Utilise weighted objectives to indicate that certain controls are more important than others, have “knock-out” objectives to make it possible to stop progression for units if knock-out objective controls are not passed, use percentage (0-100%) instead of fixed steps. Also, you now have the option to add custom icons for the different grade levels.

New Observation features – In order to facilitate incident reporting a range of new features have been added to Exonaut®. For example, an administrator or reporter is now able to change the type of submitted observations, and all observations can now be identified using a unique ID number and custom prefix and suffix for easy reference and tracking.

Maps – Exonaut® 16 extends the already existing map toolbox by adding support for drawing open ended paths to make it easier to communicate, for example, directions and routes to the mobile app users. It is also much easier to adjust already existing map objects. As usual, all map drawing tools are available from within the mobile apps as well as the desktop applications.

Mobile app improvements – The Observer apps come with plenty of new features, such as the ability to escalate observations to activities on the go, easier swipe between attached files such as pictures and documents and the possibility to edit map objects such as polygons and paths directly from a mobile device.

And more…

For more information about the Exonaut® 16 release, and how it can help with your ongoing Readiness activities, please contact your Account Manager at 4C Strategies or the Exonaut Support team via the Exonaut Service Desk.

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