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4C Strategies looks ahead with expansion capital

Sightseeing binoculars symbolising 4C Strategies looking ahead with expansion capital

4C Strategies – one of the world’s most innovative providers of risk and crisis management solutions – is making the world a safer place through a capital contribution from Priveq Investment.

An investment in a safer future

4C Strategies endeavours to make the world a safer place. The company operates primarily in the Nordic, British and North American markets by enhancing its customers’ readiness and resilience in a changing risk landscape.

“We are seeing a huge increase in the demand for our integrated solutions for building up, supporting, verifying and monitoring organisations’ readiness. After sixteen years of organic growth, we have decided to accelerate that growth by seeking a minority partner. With Priveq, we get a financial base for rapid expansion as well as valuable experience and a relevant network to enable us to move forward in all markets”, says Andreas Hedskog, Executive Chairman and founder of 4C Strategies.

Great market potential

Priveq Investment has successfully invested in more than 100 Swedish companies which has led to 24 of them being listed on the stock exchange.

“We have been investing in profitable growth companies for over 30 years and we have observed the growth of 4C Strategies with great interest. We believe that the combination of consultants who are leading experts in their respective areas and the proprietary software suite Exonaut® has great market potential and we look forward to supporting the company in its continued journey”, says Mats Hjerpe, Priveq Investment.

Accelerated global expansion

With the capital contribution, 4C Strategies gains a solid platform on which to scale up.

“Our expansion will give us greater innovative strength and allow us to invest in markets that we are currently unable to focus on. We are also pleased to note that the capital contribution will enable us to recruit new personnel for key positions in the company, so anyone with the appropriate relevant experience who wants to make the world a little bit safer and take part in an exciting global journey should get in touch with us”, says Magnus Bergqvist, CEO of 4C Strategies.


About Exonaut®

Exonaut® helps organisations to build up, support, verify and monitor the necessary capability to ensure strategic and operational readiness. The software provides integrated planning, management and decision-making support, in real time, for activities such as risk management, business continuity management, incident and crisis management, leadership and collaboration, compliance and audit and inspection work, as well as exercises and training.

About Priveq

For more than 30 years, Priveq Investment has invested in profitable growth companies. The business concept is to generate value through long-term investments and active ownership in unlisted growth companies. Since 1983, approximately SEK 3,5 billion has been invested and Priveq Investment and its employees have carried out 117 investments and been involved in taking 24 companies to an IPO. The current portfolio consists of 14 companies with a total revenue of SEK 6 billion and with approximately 1,700 employees. Some of the current portfolio companies are 21 Grams, Crem International, Ports Group, Mediaplanet and QleanAir Scandinavia. Behind Priveq Investment is essentially a number of long-term, institutional pension funds in the Nordics and Europe, for example Skandia Liv, Fjärde AP-fonden, Kommunal Landspensjonskasse (KLP) and Europeiska Investeringsfonden (EIF).

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