4C Strategies launch innovative Exonaut® Simulation Extension

4C Strategies launch innovative Exonaut Simulation Extension® delivering next generation simulation management, streamlining delivery and saving resources

4C Strategies' software suite Exonaut® is developed to Build, Verify, Track and Support organisational Readiness. A highly scalable and configurable capability, the modules of the Exonaut suite can be used separately or integrated, depending on client requirements, to provide a transparent view of readiness, objective data with which to make decisions and a clear visualisation of current status.

Now, 4C Strategies proudly launches Exonaut® Simulation Extension (ESE), enabling the Exonaut exercise management tools to control connected simulators and C2 systems. This results in a step change in exercise management efficiency and a significant reduction of the manpower required in the exercise control (EXCON) organisation.

The Exonaut Training Management Measurement and Evaluation Solution is in use by several Armed Forces around the world where it is used to programme, design, deliver and evaluate training and exercises and provide an up to date view of training readiness. Once entered, data is centrally managed and available for subsequent re-use creating synergies and efficiencies in the design and execution phases. Based on objectives, performance is measured in an exercise and a through a series of exercises. Data is available for analysis and presentation in dashboards facilitating command level visualisation and decision making.

“4C Strategies has been our innovation partner for almost two decades. The Exonaut Simulation Extension Product is a true milestone in our partnership. It will give us significant opportunities to increase the effectiveness and quality of our training and prepare us to deliver the next generation computer assisted exercises no matter what simulators we decide to use“, says Lt Col Carl-Fredrik Kleman, Head of Joint Training Centre, Swedish Armed Forces.

ESE provides a configurable interface for simulation environments and allows plug-in adaptors to support all types of simulators and C2 systems. ESE visualises the ground truth from the connected simulators and C2 systems and publishes Exonaut training data to the simulation federation. ESE delivers data payloads based on the exercise scenario that trigger action & reports in any simulator or C2 system connected to the same federation. It also allows actions and reports from simulators or C2 systems to automatically trigger specific Exonaut scenario injects that will notify exercise control and response cells triggering the appropriate response.

ESE was evaluated extensively by the Swedish Armed Forces through February and March 2018, and was successfully deployed live for the first time on Ex VIKING 18 in Apr.

To keep our position as a leading provider of readiness and training and exercise management solutions and give our clients added value in terms of resource optimisation and efficiency, we are delighted to have delivered such an innovative, configurable and ground–breaking capability for such a complex exercise as VIKING 18. This demonstrates the responsiveness of our software development capability when connected with well-defined requirements and a close partnership with our clients” says Andreas Hedskog, Executive Chairman 4C Strategies.


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