4C Strategies and the Swedish Armed Forces sign strategic recruitment partnership

4C Strategies and the Swedish Armed Forces Signs Strategic Partnership

4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider, enters as a strategically selected partner within the Swedish Armed Forces partner program for personnel cooperation.

“We are of course very proud to be a partner to the Swedish Armed Forces. Many of our employees at 4C Strategies also work part-time in the Armed Forces as reserve officers, GSS/T or National Guard soldiers. The experience and expertise that these individuals bring to 4C are highly valued by the company. Just as the employees of the Armed Forces, our staff is driven to make a difference, so we are convinced that this partnership will serve both the Swedish Armed Forces and 4C Strategies well.” says Klas Lindström, Executive Vice President, 4C Strategies.

The partnership covers organisational long-term staffing; where employees’ experiences, both military and civil, have clear merit. The Swedish Armed Forces will facilitate 4C Strategies recruitment of military personnel, whilst 4C Strategies will facilitate their employees to serve in the Swedish Armed Forces on a regular part-time basis.

“4C Strategies and the Swedish Armed Forces have a long common history; 4C Strategies has been a service and system provider for the Swedish Armed Forces since 2002. 4C Strategies also share our motto ‘making a difference to others’ as they ‘want to contribute to a safer world for people and organisations’. Our common vision is essential for this partnership. 4C Strategies employees work in military, public and private organisations all over the world and have a unique competence that the Swedish Armed Forces can benefit from. I am convinced that we together can create good conditions that will benefit both our organisations and our employees.” says Major General Klas Eksell, Director of Human Resources, Swedish Armed Forces

4C Strategies delivers expert services and software solutions in capability, training, exercise, risk, crisis and continuity management. Defence forces all over the world, including NATO, use these solutions.

“Because of recent developments in the world, we see an increased demand for readiness solutions from Armed Forces, but also from public organisations and private companies across all sectors. Through this cooperation we have secured a common approach on manning and a long-term and mutual beneficial transfer of know-how.” says Martin Rusner, Business Development Manager, 4C Strategies.


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