Exonaut™ RMP is the dashboard front to all the other tools in the Exonaut™ Suite, providing a helicopter view of your organisational risk, compliance, incident, exercise and continuity capabilities and activities.


Exonaut™ RMP enables users to aggregate different types of data, ranging from policy documents and contingency plans to audit reports and exercise findings. By consolidating data in a single location, Exonaut™ RMP becomes the integrated platform for all Readiness activities driven by the Exonaut™ suite.

  • Collects, aggregates and presents all the information from the entire Exonaut™ Suite
  • Configure and scale according to your needs
  • User-friendly dashboard panels, heat charts and graphs to visualise information from Exonaut™ modules in one comprehensive view
  • Seamless transition between various Exonaut™ modules through single sign-on provide access to detailed and more extensive data
  • Integrate with your Microsoft SharePoint intranet for easy access
  • Communicate and notify your organisation through SMS from the desktop or your smartphone
  • Extract aggregated or detailed reports from the different tools in the suite

  • Gain valuable insight about the Readiness status of your organisation without the need to open individual applications
  • Get continuous updates and alerts through your communication channel of choice when there are status changes or other updates
  • Dig down quickly to get full details on any deviation or risk


RMP provides each user or user group with preconfigured dashboards and documents as well as access to all tools used in the Exonaut™ Suite

Technical Specification:
  • Exonaut™ RMP is based on HTML and JavaScript and can thus be integrated with your intranet​

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