French Armed Forces Trial the Exonaut® Capability Development Solution


4C Strategies are pleased to announce that the French Armed Forces will conduct a trial of our EXONAUT® Capability Development software at Ex CITADEL GUIBERT, a NATO exercise involving the rapid reaction elements of the British and French armed forces (the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF)).  The host of the trial will be Corps de Réaction Rapide – France (CRR-Fr).

“France is a strategic next step in the global expansion of 4C and a large part of further establishing Exonaut® as the de facto standard for training and exercise management in NATO member countries.”

Jonas Jonsson, Managing Director of 4C International.

“I am very proud that the French Armed Forces have chosen to conduct a trial of the EXONAUT® Capability Development solution.  The system provides French defence the opportunity to further enhance their readiness with a holistic and collaborative approach to planning, delivering and analysing training and exercises at the individual and collective levels.”

Bertie Basset, the 4C Strategies Account Manager for France


Bertie Basset,


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4C Strategies is a leading provider of organisational resilience, readiness & training solutions by integrating our award-winning Exonaut® software and expert services.
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