4C Strategies to support U.S. Army Training Management Tool


4C Strategies to support U.S. Army Training Management Tool

4C Strategies are pleased to announce our support to the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE). 4C Strategies has been awarded a contract by VT MAK to deliver core capabilities for the Training Management Tool for the U.S. Army’s Common Synthetic Environment.

4C Strategies contribution with the Training Management Tool will be delivered by our US team in Washington D.C and Orlando, Florida.

Michel Coss, President, 4C North America, said:

“We are proud to have been trusted by VT MAK to support their effort to deliver this important capability. The work will allow us to help create the most powerful training management system in the world. Based on our modular Exonaut platform we will be working with team members to integrate Mission Command, Simulation using Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance the Warfighters ability to plan, prepare, execute and assess training in a multi-domain context.”

In July 2019 VT MAK was awarded a Prototype Other Transaction Agreement worth US$95m from the U.S. Army to meet demands for next generation collective training. Working through the Training and Readiness Accelerator, VT MAK will develop and deliver the Training Simulation Software (TSS) and Training Management Tool (TMT) components of the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment.

The TSS and the TMT, combined with the One World Terrain will serve as the platform enabler that will allow units and soldiers to conduct realistic, multi-echelon, collective training anywhere in the world. These capabilities will be delivered at the Point of Need to Soldiers at five U.S. Army Installations by 2021 and to over 400 sites by 2023.

Bill Cole, President and CEO, VT MAK, said:

“We are pleased to have 4C join our team supporting the development and delivery of this important effort in the Synthetic Training Environment. The expertise they provide in Training Management will help enable our warfighters and commanders to plan and achieve better readiness results.”

Read more about Exonaut for Military Training Management.


For further information please contact Michael Coss.

About 4C Strategies
4C Strategies is a leading provider of organisational resilience, readiness & training solutions by integrating our award-winning Exonaut® software and expert services.

Our people, processes and software have been battle tested in mission critical environments by some of the world’s largest organisations in the public, private and military sectors.

Founded in 2000, 4C Strategies now serve over 200 clients in 70 countries around the globe. We contribute to a safer society by combining the power of digital innovation with industry expertise to build the resilience of organisations, their people and clients.

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