Dafgårds – Finding the recipe for resilience

Dafgårds – Finding the recipe for resilience

4C Strategies was commissioned by Dafgårds, Sweden’s largest private food producer, to help them with the recipe for resilience as part of their commitment for operational excellence. Internationally, Dafgårds is best known for producing the meatballs for IKEA in all the European markets.

Through discussions and exercises we shared our knowledge about how to prepare for the unexpected and how to manage and maintain control during a crisis. We at 4C Strategies know it’s never a question of ‘if’ it happens. It is a question of ‘when’ it happens, and the future of a company is relying on the management, the staff and their actions in that moment.

The basic ingredients for the recipe are now in place. There is no doubt that the Dafgårds team is continuously improving it, which is really the key to success.

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