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Capability Maturity Models and Benchmarking Analyses

Business Continuity
“We wanted to look beyond the traditional BCM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk, while having solid foundations to minimise the risk of whatever unprecedented issues and potential threats may arise. This led us to speak to 4C Strategies. Based on these discussions we decided to adopt a capability maturity approach – to, firstly, establish our current position and secondly, plan what we needed to do in order to achieve an upper quartile benchmark of BCM performance.”
Director Security & Resilience, Openreach

What is a Capability Maturity Model?

A Capability Maturity Model is a set of structured levels that describe how well the people, plans and processes of an organisation can reliably and sustainably produce required outcomes. At 4C, we employ these models to build, verify and track Risk Management, Business Continuity, and Incident and Crisis Management capability.

​As a first step, a unique Capability Maturity Model is developed with each 4C customer to define what “good” looks like, in accordance with international standards and industry best practice. The Model can also include pre-defined strategic objectives and company values, to ensure that the Risk, Business Continuity and Crisis Management progression is aligned on a strategic, as well as operational, level.

The Model includes both the capability and compliance elements, to measure progress over time and across your organisation (internally and externally). The overall capability level is continuously assessed by combining the evaluations of all capability areas, ensuring that training and assurance activities are fit-for-purpose. ​

Why use a Capability Maturity Model?

By using a Capability Maturity Model, your organisation creates a foundation against which future processes and activities can be measured, such as exercising and audit requirements for key roles, functions and teams.​ Furthermore, using the Model as an embedded and continuously used tool, your organisation can make ongoing capability assessments and gap analyses of potential areas of improvements. Once the gap analysis has been completed, your organisation can reach qualified decisions regarding investments in different areas of Organisational Resilience. This ensures that your organisation is investing time and resources where they are most needed, thereby receiving the best Return on Investment (RoI).​

A Capability Maturity Model also enables your organisation to benchmark its capability and track its progress within risk, business continuity and incident and crisis management. This can be done both internally against different parts of your organisation or externally against other organisations.

By using a Capability Maturity Model your organisation can, on an ongoing basis, track and report on:​

  • The current status of resilience capability across your organisation. ​
  • Measurement of resilience performance, in accordance with international standards
  • Return on Investment (RoI) of all training and exercise activities based on performance and progression of capability over time. ​
  • The priorities for year-on-year allocation of resource and financial investments to support capability improvement in critical areas.

What will a Capability Maturity Model provide?

  • Objective and evidence-based view of Risk, Business Continuity and Crisis Management capability​
  • ​An understanding of operational areas of risk, based on capability gap
  • Ability to use a proactive risk-led approach to planning (vs reactive approach of waiting for an incident to guide planning)​
  • Ability to prioritise limited time, resource and investment to ’focus on what matters’

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