4C Strategies Coronavirus Response Review

  • As we move into another week of crisis management response, we at 4C Strategies think it is always important to be able to review, take stock and identify lessons to improve the response.
  • We also recognise that in an ongoing response it is often challenging to have the resources to conduct such evaluation and carry out the necessary analysis to identify the lessons, let alone learn them.
  • That is where we can help….4C Strategies have developed a bespoke methodology and support package to enable organisations to review and evaluate their current response arrangements and identify lessons for improvement.
  • As most organisations will now move from initial response to a more stable footing of sustained response there is no better time to self reflect and make improvements.
  • 4C Strategies have developed a range of packages, from a hot debrief through to interviews and analysis against the 4C Strategies Fundamentals of Crisis Management. In all cases 4C will provide a detailed report that identifies good practice, makes recommendations and suggests actions to improve or sustain the response.

Why have 4C Strategies conduct the review?

  • Expert consultants with over 10 years experience in the field of crisis management and major incident response.
  • Gain a third party view which can provide a greater level of assurance to both the board, customers and regulators.
  • As 4C Strategies works with some of the largest organisations in the world, our consultants have built up a wealth of knowledge and are quickly able to benchmark organisations against each other and share best practice from one to the next where appropriate.
  • We relieve the pressure on your organisation to maintain a disciplined approach to identifying lessons so you can get on with the response


“Organisations should routinely be identifying lessons as they make their way through this response. However, this is not always easy and so as the constantly changing situation evolves crisis management teams often bounce from one problem to the next or one change in direction or situation from the next. I hope that many organisations will now start to build and develop capability as they continue through the response but of course this will only be possible if organisations continue to review and identify lessons and best practice and then act on those lessons to improve their response. Only those organisations that do this will look back at their response and be able to come out the other side stronger than they were before”

Why should I do this activity?

  • The Covid 19 Response from both organisations and governments is extremely fluid and is changing everyday. This requires organisations to look at what they have done so far and how they have done it to see if it is still valid.
  • Global organisations could take this opportunity to learn from operations in east Asia , or indeed identify lessons now to provide recommendations and actions for their operations in other areas as the pandemic epicentre moves across the world.
  • Organisations will be expected to identify and learn lessons, in order to deliver the best response they can, by some or all of the following
  • Senior Management
  • Regulators
  • Customers
  • Stakeholders
  • Suppliers


  • Our detailed reviews can be done in anything from 5-10 days depending on the scope and scale of activity to be reviewed.
  • Our ‘hot debrief’ reviews including production of report and analysis can be done in 2 days.
  • We will work with all clients from the outset to deliver reports in a timeframe set by the client.



4C Strategies Consultants will use our very own proprietary software to support the methodology and increase the efficiency and speed of our deliver during the Coronavirus Response. Below you can see how it will be used.


  • Plan the review
  • Select the objectives
  • Select the questions for each interview


  • All questions and standards, plus additional support questions are available to the interviewer.
  • Direct access to ISO and BSI Standards
  • Type responses and grades, including areas of best practice straight into the tablet for analysis later


  • Dashboard overviews of review progression against objectives and per activity
  • Interrogate and exploit trends in responses
  • Write assessments based on responses to questions.
  • Collate and analyse all the responses from all the different interviews and activities during the review


  • Dynamic Dashboard
  • The user can see what they want to see.
  • Will be able to track an action back to a lesson back to the source data and even the objective.


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