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"Providing brand protection and safeguarding compliance is a key element of the ISS value proposition. Exonaut enables us to achieve this objective by establishing a global IT solution which simplifies and harmonises risk and compliance management"
Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services

Today’s operational landscape poses an increasing array of regulatory requirements, safety and security threats, and complex system interdependencies. More and more stakeholders are becoming involved to meet these challenges, often resulting in fragmented and time-consuming processes. Rigid and silo-based information infrastructures are unable to respond to the need for a streamlined and integrated solution for compliance management.

Exonaut’s Compliance Manager is a web-based, end-to-end solution that simplifies, automates and strengthens organisational compliance. The system integrates control monitoring, mobile inspections, self-assessment surveys, and custom dashboards to provide a real-time overview of your compliance status and risk exposure. Exonaut Compliance Manager is highly versatile and can also be used to manage audits, inspections, performance, and internal control activities.


  • Compliance Dashboards. Real-time interactive dashboards and automated reporting visualises your enterprise-wide compliance status.

  • Data Collection. Survey tool to distribute self-assessments across distributed organisations within Exonaut, its mobile app, or via email.

  • Task Management. Prioritise, allocate and track tasks as part of your compliance program.

  • Mobile Inspections. Perform mobile inspections, audits and compliance checks both online and offline, with automatic synchronisation when connection is restored.

  • Evidence-Based Inspections. Attach evidence (documents, photos, video, audio, etc.) to inspections, audits and self-assessments using mobile app or web interface.

  • Report Generation. Compliance reports are generated and distributed on an automated basis, with charts, graphs and structured data for export in .DOC, .XLS, and .PDF formats.


  • Simplicity. Distributing email questionnaires and custom templates simplifies the collection of compliance data for the end user.

  • Consistency. Standardise compliance management processes with a single of controls and procedures across your organisation.

  • Efficiency. Automation of compliance reporting and visualisation replaces time-consuming manual processes involving documents, spreadsheets and emails.

  • Information Security. Cyber Essentials PLUS certification and NATO accreditation to Secret and Unclassified level. Cloud services hosted in Sweden within Tier 3 data centers certified by the Uptime Institute.

  • Seamless Integration. Robust integration capability with global user directory, external systems and data streams.

  • Scalable Growth. Fully scalable based on number of users as well as integration with other Exonaut solutions for Risk, Business Continuity and Incident Management.

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