Exonaut™ TDE supports the mapping of an organisation’s Readiness structures, operating sites, resources and assets.

Exonaut™ TDE acts as a configuration and administrative tool to support the mapping of an organisation vis-à-vis its compliance and capability requirements. It also serves as a powerful Resource Management and Incident Response tool. Its data repository synchronises with all other Exonaut™ suite modules.

  • Plan, design and visualise the parameters of an organisation i.e. organisational entities, compliance and capability objectives, activities, and geographical locations.
  • Configure the Exonaut™ Observer mobile application, distribute documents and handle incoming observations
  • Manage, store and visualise incoming information tied to Readiness capabilities and controls
  • Contribute observations, share geographical positions and monitor the organisation’s response to an incident
  • The incident and activity control center allows administrators to track ongoing events in real time
  • Visualise, communicate with, and track, users in real time in the map view
  • Manage users, privileges and groups across the entire Exonaut™ suite

  • Gain an unhindered super-user overview of all activities and settings of the Exonaut™ Suite
  • A one-stop-shop incident management tool – communicate, build situational awareness and track events in real time
  • Complete control of assets and employees – track users in real time across the globe, receive incoming updates and observations in real time, communicate efficiently and delegate tasks with a few clicks with the mouse
  • Build a persistent knowledge management system – all the information collected through the different Exonaut™ modules are collected in TDE and stored on a per-entity level.
TDE works both as the configuration and administration tool for the Exonaut Suite and as a powerful resource managemet and incident response tool

Technical Specification:
  • TDE is a java-based product with a configurable user interface, allowing users to design their own command/control views for specific activities
  • Users can log-in to TDE using their desktop or through a handheld device on Exonaut™ Observer.

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