Exonaut™ SIM is a link-pattern analysis tool which enables your organisation to map complex relationships and dependencies. It is primarily an exercise tool for large, distributed simulation exercises with complex scenarios.


Exonaut™ SIM is designed for the training of law enforcement and military intelligence functions. It enables exercise planners to structure and visualise complex scenario information through a number of interfaces, including link charts, map views, and hierarchical views. It also enables exercise control teams to adapt scenarios dynamically during exercise delivery based on participant actions and decisions relating to stakeholder relationships and human factors.

  • Scenario generation
  • Mapping of human terrain
  • Analysis of decisions made
  • Knowledge management of scenario data

Technical Specification:
  • Exonaut™ SIM is a java-based product which can be used as a stand-alone tool or as an integrated tool with the whole Exonaut™ Suite.
With its impressive pattern-link design functionality, SIM provides unprecedented opportunities to construct and run exercises with realistic asymmetric threat scenarios.

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