Exonaut™ RIM is an enterprise risk management tool that allows any organisation, large or small, to take control of their risk management activities in full accordance to the international risk management standard ISO 31000.


Exonaut™ RIM provides an automated platform to guide users through the organisation’s risk management activities. It embeds a common methodology based on the organisation’s own risk criteria model and generates an enterprise-wide “helicopter view” of all risks and their status across business units, sites and capital projects.

  • Risk identification, analysis and treatment according to ISO 31000
  • Fully configurable risk categorisation and classification
  • Enterprise user management allows full control of rights and privileges
  • Allows the optimisation of financial reserves and economic capital across the portfolio of organisational units and projects
  • Work flow management driven by assignment of responsibilities and risk ownership
  • Real-time monitoring of current risk exposure and ongoing risk treatment activities
  • Visualisation of interdependencies between risks in different parts of the organisation
  • Live reporting on risk status within projects, initiatives, departments or organisation-wide

  • User friendly system requires no prior experience in risk management
  • Delivers single version of the truth, improving reliability & audit of decision-making on risk
  • Delivers transparency of risk exposure to all those who “need to know”
  • Improves understanding of financial budgeting required to protect organisation
  • Reduces time spent by across the business inputting, consolidating and gathering risk data
  • Notifications sent to relevant managers when risk indicators surpasses acceptable threshold reduces response times and drives workflows
  • Increased operational (business) and strategic (executive) awareness around risk exposure and opportunities
  • Improved (real-time) awareness of current risk exposure across portfolio of operations/projects enables the optimisation of economic capital across the business (financial reserves to cover materialised risk during a time period)
Real-time monitoring of current risk exposure and ongoing risk treatment activities

Technical Specification:
  • Exonaut™ RIM is a java-based product, which can be run stand-alone or as an integrated tool in the Exonaut™ Suite.

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