Exonaut™ OBS is a universal mobile application designed to provide the Exonaut™ Suite with the best and most accurate real-time field data available.


Exonaut™ OBS provides organisations with a single tool through which to gather timely and accurate data from their Readiness programme activities, whether in the form of audits, inspections, incidents or exercises. Originally developed for the British Army, Exonaut™ OBS is now used by organisations to input and capture real-time findings, observations and evaluations. This data is synchronised with either Exonaut™ TDE, RIM or CPM to support reporting and management dashboard views on performance vs. objectives, levels of risk exposure and compliance or capability status.

  • Exonaut™ OBS is a mobile application and functions as the mobile interface for the entire Exonaut™ Suite
  • “An app to create new apps” – consciously designed as a toolbox to take full advantage of the reporting capabilities of current consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablets
  • Collect and share accurate field data using text, sound, images, video and geographical position
  • Connect observations directly to organisational assets to create knowledge libraries
  • Easily emulate and digitalise existing, manual report templates and routines
  • Distribute documents such as continuity plans and instructions to app users using the flexible and expansive document library
  • Participate in exercises, identify risks, handle incidents and conduct compliance audits all in one easy-to-use tool
  • Track other users and visualise assets and observations in real time using the built-in map
  • See where you and your colleagues have been, and when – Observer can display a user track for each user
  • Communicate with each other and the outside world through the built-in communication function
  • Built to support online and offline use

  • Handle day-to-day activities as well as incidents and crises in the same mobile tool
  • Keep track of your organisational assets, their performance and risks, while on the run
  • Mobile access and on-the-fly risk reporting generates more reliable and timely data.
  • Replace cumbersome, fragmented and time consuming reporting practices
  • Replace costly “single function apps” with a configurable and integrated system
  • Enable instant distribution of queries and surveys across the organisation
  • Man-over-board alarm signalling and personal beacon for senior staff or staff in transit
  • Modular design with a high level of data abstraction– data model designed to be technology-insensitive, allowing quick adaption to any preferred collection method (for example, drones, Google Glass, external data streams and wearables/IoE)
Observer allows user wihin an activity to share positions, view tracks of covered areas and immediately share observations of any predefined kind.

Technical Specification:
  • Exonaut™ OBS is fully integrated part of the Exonaut™ Suite
  • Exonaut™ OBS is a native app available for Android, Windows and iOS phones and tablets

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