Exonaut™ CPM enables organisations to track the status of capabilities, controls as well as compliance with laws and standards on an enterprise level.


Exonaut™ CPM provides a single platform through which to capture organisation-wide evaluations on compliance and capability levels. It enhances reporting by providing a management dashboard view on risk levels and capability gaps. This supports decision-making on prioritisation of mitigation efforts, resource and investment. 

  • Plan, conduct and monitor a series of activities to assess performance against selected objectives, targets and controls derived from core strategy as well as regulatory and compliance demands
  • An integrated survey tool to distribute self-assessments across the organisation
  • Supports real time field reporting activities through Exonaut™ Observer
  • Real-time tracking, dashboard views and reports to support management teams and other groups in decision-making
  • Dashboard reporting aggregates tracking of performance against objectives and metrics, based on relevant input data

  • Ability to roll-up compliance results to policies, controls, regulations, business units and divisions
  • Integration of disparate compliance processes and sources of information, providing users with a single portal for completing work
  • Flexible, web-based compliance software enables you to document process and technical controls, link them to authoritative sources, perform risk-based scoping, execute design and operating tests, and respond to gaps
  • Centralised or de-centralised, access-controlled environment for automating compliance processes, assessing deficiencies and managing remediation efforts
  • Consolidation of risk and compliance information, controls and tasks in one platform eliminates silos and improves operational planning and efficiency of all FTEs involved in Internal Control activities
  • Aggregate information and results from audits, exercises, and inspections across an organisation for any functional area, including EHS and information security
  • Publish into easy-to-grasp dashboards and automated reports
  • Improved collaboration between risk and Internal Audit functions supports prevention of financial losses through improved controls
Analyse and reschedule activity series based on performance/ compliance to optimise resource utilisation in the organisation.

 Technical Specification:
  • Exonaut™ CPM is a java-based product, which can be used stand-alone or as an integrated part of the Exonaut™ Suite
  • The survey tool is built in HTML and is operational on common browsers


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