Business Continuity Manager

EXONAUT™ BCM map processes and activities, and identify critical dependencies, in order to develop, test and invoke continuity plans and solutions.


EXONAUT™ BCM supports the identification and mapping of critical organisational processes, resources and dependencies. The user is aided in the process of creating impact analyses, risk assessments and continuity plans. The plans can be both tested and activated from the tool, thus automating the response to resource failures and other unwanted incidents.​


  • Carry out impact analyses
  • Conduct continuity risk assessments
  • Develop, review, test and invoke business continuity plans
  • Produce or select business continuity solutions in line with corporate policies
  • Conduct tests, exercises and audits
  • Carry our post-incident reviews
  • Fully integrated with native app OBSERVER for mobile work flow


  • Full overview of the critical dependencies and processes within your organisation
  • Web-based interface with a streamlined and easy-to-use interface
  • Developed to ensure compliance with relevant Business Continuity standards
  • Continuity plans can be tested and executed from the tool to ensure a timely response to unwanted incidents
  • Secure, flexible and easy to implement
  • Dashboards and reports are easily generated to support decision making
  • Work in a collaborative environment and delegate tasks and responsibilities​


Technical Specification:

  • ​​Exonaut™ BCM is a JavaScript product, and can be used either stand-alone, or as an integrated part of the Exonaut™ Suite​

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