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Exonaut version 19 now generally available

We are excited to announce that version 19 of our Exonaut® Readiness Management Platform is now generally available. This release contains more than 100 new features and upgrades to our fully integrated solutions for Training and Exercise Management, Risk, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Compliance. Exonaut is available as a SaaS and on-premise solution, with native iOS and Android apps and business intelligence dashboards for a data-driven approach to building readiness.

We’ve highlighted some of the key features for our user community, organised by the military and resilience (civilian) domains.


  • 4C Strategies’ training and exercise management tool Exonaut has become the tool of choice for the world’s leading militaries including NATO, the US Army and British Army. This highly scalable and configurable platform enables allied forces across the globe to plan, programme, design, manage, evaluate and optimise complex exercises, training progressions and experimentation. Accredited at NATO Secret level, Exonaut is used from Individual to Joint levels across the live, virtual and constructive (LVC) spectrum.

    So, what’s new in Exonaut 19 for the military domain? Here’s some of the highlights for the different stages of the training and exercise cycle.

Organise Planning Events as Sub-Activities to an Exercise

As the complexity of military exercises ramps up, planning can take years prior to the actual event. Exonaut enables remote, transparent and real-time multi-agency exercise planning with an intuitive software tool. The release of Exonaut version 19 further simplifies this process by allowing all planning events to be added to the same exercise as sub-activities.

  • Streamline exercise planning by adding workshops, meetings and planning conferences as sub-activities to the exercise

  • Collaboratively plan exercises in a secure, permissions-based manner, regardless of location

  • Attach planning documents and assign tasks for each sub-activity for a transparent overview of exercise planning and follow-up

Exercise Auto-Play Function

Military exercises tend to be highly complex, often with hundreds of events that must be played manually as the scenario unfolds. Exonaut 19 automates this process, by enabling pre-planned injects, incidents and events to be started automatically. One less thing for Exercise Control to worry about.

  • Set the Exercise scenario to play out automatically

  • Pause and restart the scenario auto-play when needed

  • Auto-play function will continue to run even after the client has been closed down

Mobile Exercise Timeline in Observer

As with all Exonaut solutions, the Training and Exercise Manager comes equipped with powerful training dashboards and our native iOS and Android ‘Observer’ app. In Exonaut 19, the Observer app now has an interactive timeline where users can view and add events to the exercise scenario.

  • View and add events, incidents, injects and observations in an exercise timeline

  • Same setup in mobile Observer app as in Exonaut Training and Exercise Manager

  • Display an overview of all exercise activities during the planning, delivery and evaluation phases, wherever you are located

Organisational Resilience Domain

  • In the public and corporate sectors, Exonaut provides integrated solutions to build, verify and track organisational resilience. This spans the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and emergency management areas, with 4C’s software developers working closely with our subject matter experts to ensure that Exonaut drives innovation to meet customer needs and industry best practice. Here are some of the Exonaut 19 release highlights for the organisational resilience domain.

Strengthen Risk Control Capabilities

Collecting risk control data and implementing corrective treatments / action plans are a fundamental part of any Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) system. In Exonaut 19, action plans can now be created on the point of identification of a risk control weakness, with the treatment status monitored in real-time dashboards.

  • Automatically distribute and collect risk control self-assessments

  • Evaluate any type of risk control, across any size or type of organisation

  • Create action plans, risk treatments and other corrective actions, while monitoring status in custom dashboards

Digital Audit Trail

The ability to digitally log all actions taken and see how they develop is increasingly important for regulatory compliance, capability development, and crisis management. While Exonaut logged all actions in the system, version 19 provides admin users with an easier, step-by-step sequential record for changes made by users in the system.

  • Visualise change history for all events, activities and observations in the system

  • Role based access control for accessing change history

  • Generate automated reports for audits, after action reviews and compliance obligations

Situational Awareness Tools for Managing Incidents

Incident management is becoming increasingly complex as the stakes and stakeholders continue to ramp up. Exonaut 19 takes our GIS situational awareness tools to the next level with new mapping and communication features for incident commanders and units in the field.

  • Draw directly on mobile map view of an incident, using free-hand, grids, icons, grids, arrows and text

  • Enable field commanders to map out risk areas, resources, access roads, geo-fencing zones and more, shared in real-time with headquarters and units in the field

  • Split a major incident or operation into sectors and assign sector commanders


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Testimonials from some of our Clients

Exonaut - I am Safe
risk management software

Consular Affairs Division, European External Action Service (EEAS)

4C Strategies has provided the EEAS with innovative tools, interactive maps and dashboards to facilitate the coordination of consular assistance and large-scale exercises with EU Member States.

Bernie Auguste, Director of Security and Resilience, Openreach

We wanted to look beyond the traditional ICM norms with a focus on better anticipating future business risk. This led us to speak to 4C Strategies. Based on these discussions we decided to adopt a capability maturity approach – to, firstly, establish our current position and secondly, plan what we needed to do in order to achieve an upper quartile benchmark of ICM performance.

Stuart Furness, Joint Force Development Program Manager, NATO Allied Command Transformation

As a longtime trusted partner, 4C have worked with NATO's core team to match our exercise requirements and improve our capability. This has clearly shown the benefits of commercial solutions in terms of speed and agility.

Lt. Col. Nick Serle, Director Army Warfighting Experiment 17

Exonaut has enabled the British Army to efficiently plan, execute and evaluate its Army Warfighting Experiment… Its success will be judged by the final report and the exploitation of the evidence contained within it; in this respect, Exonaut is a critical enabling component.

Jonas Lindström, Chief Security Officer at Tele2

By implementing Exonaut, we have taken our incident reporting and management to the next level.

General Micael Bydén, Supreme Commander, Swedish Armed Forces

When I look back at the last 20 years, working together with the Swedish Armed Forces and 4C Strategies, I see a very positive example of how to develop a military training management tool. Exonaut is maybe the perfect tool for us, not only in planning, but also conducting and evaluating our exercises.

Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services

Managing risk controls in an effective way with Exonaut helps us provide brand protection and safeguard compliance.

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