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Resilience Rumble

On May 11 2023, the very first Resilience Rumble will take place in London, UK, bringing together experts, thought leaders and professionals to discuss and challenge the current state of the resilience space.

Why attend Resilience Rumble?

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    Join thought leaders, experts and practitioners
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    Network with professionals at the forefront of resilience
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    Get to grips with the state of resilience in 2023
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    Hear actionable advice and see real-world examples
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    Gain insight, fuel innovation in the space, and spark valuable conversations

An all-new series of masterclass events.

No sales pitches. No nonsense. Just practical, valuable insight.


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May 11
Decision Making in a Crisis
Thursday 16:30
17:00 - 17:30

Keynote: Why is it challenging to make decisions in a crisis?

What stands in the way of effective leadership and direction in a crisis? How does the 'fog of war' affect our decision-making abilities? Join David Southall CBE as he leverages 30+ years of experience in military service, operations and global project delivery to breakdown the biggest challenges organisation face when a crisis hits.
David Southall CBE
Non-Exec Director, Consultant, Strategic Adviser and Mentor
17:30 - 18:00

Workshop: Tools and techniques for crisis management

When it's all hands on deck, you need tools you can rely on. From facts and assumption models to your go-to priority matrix, Chris Wildman delivers a hands-on interactive workshop with the techniques you can rely on when the worst happens.
Chris Wildman
Operations Director, 4C Strategies
18:00 - 18:30

Presentation: Is digital the future of resilience?

Looking forward, Ben White will close out our first Resilience Rumble with a presentation on the future of organisational resilience and crisis management. How important are digital tools becoming in supporting the resilience life cycle? How can technology help organizations overcome pressing challenges and future-proof operational resilience? Put away the crystal ball and get a glimpse of the future as we wrap-up the very first Resilience Rumble.
Ben White
Principal Consultant, 4C Strategies

Networking & Drinks

Enjoy a range of complimentary drinks and canapés and get to know the fellow thought leaders and practitioners in the room.

Resilience Rumble is a series of masterclass events delivered and attended by experts and thought leaders in the resilience field.

Resilience Rumble is an exclusive event, with limited spaces available. To ensure you’re able to attend, secure your place using the form at the top of the page.

An all-new event at the forefront of resilience

It’s not about cheesy taglines or generic, top-level advice that reads more like a horoscope than actionable advice.

Taking place once per quarter, Resilience Rumble is aimed at gathering thought leaders, insight and genuine value in one room to take on the big questions and challenges currently facing businesses and organisations.

Resilience Rumble’s goal is simple: Arm attendees with knowledge, fuel innovation in the space, and spark valuable conversations that further our ability to make tangible impact to the resilience of organisations.

Our theme:

Decision Making in a Crisis

What can you expect from Resilience Rumble?

The theme of the first Resilience Rumble will be Decision Making in a Crisis.

What do you do when the worst happens?

It’s a situation no-one wants to find themselves in, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t prepare for it anyway.

There are countless directions, priorities, and consequences to consider. True resilience in a crisis is mapping all this out beforehand, defining clear roles and responsibilities, and executing response plans swiftly with clear communication.

Preparing for this kind of scenario is what the very first Resilience Rumble will focus on, as we deep-dive into the frameworks, assumption models, decision matrixes and everything else that fuels informed decision making in a crisis.

Meet the speakers

Meet the speakers

  • David Southall CBE
    Director, Consultant, Strategic Adviser
  • Chris Wildman
    Operations Director
  • Ben White
    Principal Consultant
  • Stefan Liebig
    Director of Sales, Public & Corporate

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