ISS’ Digital Transformation With Exonaut

“Managing risk controls in an effective way helps us providing brand protection and safeguarding compliance”

Founded in Copenhagen in 1901, The ISS Group has grown to become one of the world’s largest companies with almost 500,000 employees and local operations in more than 70 countries. With a company of that size, ISS needed a global and uniform solution with full transparency to manage their risk control.


ISS needed to provide synergies between Risk Management, Internal Audit and Operational functions, thus avoiding duplication of data and work cross several group functions. Due to their wide spread operations, the IT-platform needed to be global and cover the risks from a wide group perspective.

Solution/Key insights

The solution was Exonaut® as a single web-based platform to provide secure, consistent global access and transparency to consolidated risk and compliance information.

– By implementing Exonaut, we get a uniform and integrated global IT solution for risk assessments, control self-assessment & compliance management, with full transparency on how well we manage our risks from a group, country and operational point of view”, says Anders Søborg, Head of Group Risk Management, ISS World Services.

“Exonaut gives us full transparency on how well we manage our risks.”

The ISS Exonaut® solution is scaled globally to include more than 50 countries with more than 1 000 users answering the questionnaires covering a control catalogue of 400+ risk controls.

– Providing brand protection and safeguarding compliance is a key part of the ISS value proposition. We do this by managing risk controls in an effective way. Exonaut enables us to achieve this objective by establishing a global IT platform which focus on both risk and control compliance management” says Anders Søborg.

“With Exonaut we have a global IT platform which focus on both risk and control compliance management.”


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