In a globalised world characterised by rapid change, a consistent and cohesive approach to risk management is an indispensable part of an organisation’s management culture.

Managing risk proactively helps organisations satisfy their internal and external requirements, fulfil corporate responsibilities and inspire market confidence through enhanced business performance. Risk management is no longer just focused on managing financial or reputational risks but it has become a holistic process which covers all types of risk, enterprise-wide.

At 4C Strategies, we provide clients with Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions ranging from support to the development of risk criteria models, definition of risk appetite and design of risk management methodologies to the training of key staff and delivery of comprehensive risk management audits. 

An increasing number of organisations have identified the need for a user friendly, flexible and scalable tool, which supports the efficient and transparent monitoring of strategic, financial, operational and project risk. In response to this need, 4C Strategies has developed Exonaut Risk™, a web-based system which delivers a structured, systematic and integrated approach to risk management, in accordance with ISO 31000. 

Examples of our work in this area include:

Transport Agency: We work with this national transport agency to support risk management across major infrastructure projects. Exonaut™ Risk has helped this agency build a central and flexible risk management system, which has contributed to the on time and on budget delivery of critical infrastructure projects and fostered a proactive risk management culture across the organisation.   

University: We have worked with this UK University to engage with staff (e.g. Heads of Services, Academic Deans and Vice Chancellor) on the importance of risk management and demonstrate how it can be used to support institutional success, including achievement of strategic objectives and KPIs.
All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools.

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