Whilst building Readiness capability is critical, it is only through verification and tracking that an organisation maintains a current view on the Readiness status of its people, process and technology.

In a continually changing risk landscape, senior management must have access to live data which enables them to understand their levels of risk exposure across the organisation. This view helps them to prioritise their limited time, resource and investment to areas most in need.

At 4C Strategies, we provide clients with solutions to support the building, verification and tracking of all forms of Readiness capability. This includes training, desktop exercises and simulations, as well as tools to support real time reporting, consolidation and tracking of information derived from Readiness programme activities. Our technology enables organisations to understand whether they are at the levels of capability set by senior management in order to deliver strategic and commercial success in the face of uncertainty. 

Examples of our work in this area include:

Infrastructure provider:  We have worked with this large scale infrastructure provider to embed its capability to manage both minor and major incidents, which pose a threat to life, safety, assets and the environment. Our Exonaut™ software suite is used to generate a real time overview of current Incident and Crisis Management capability based on the organisation’s performance in training, exercises and live tests. This information helps to direct and guide the focus for future Readiness capability-building activity. 

Continuously keeping track of the Readiness status of your organisation, your capabilities and the risk landscape is a challenge, but a worthwhile one.

Defence: We work with this military client to support the planning and resourcing of training; the management of training progression; the articulation of training risk; and, support to the assurance process. In addition, we provide complete exercise solutions for headquarters and formations.

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools. 

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