It is critical that an organisation is able to demonstrate its adherence to prescribed internal guidelines, relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements.

At 4C Strategies, we help organisations to define the compliance and capability requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to deliver strategic and commercial success. We support clients in measuring performance, providing them with tools to capture, report on and track current status in real time. This data feeds into enterprise-wide management dashboards, enabling executive prioritisation of organisational time, effort and investment. 

Examples of our work in this area include:

Regulatory body: We provide this national institution with an annual assurance programme that reviews and validates documentation relating to the interdependencies and vulnerabilities of the finance sector’s critical processes.

Military institution: This institution uses 4C Strategies Exonaut™ suite to track the performance of its personnel in relation to operational compliance and capability requirements. Our mobile observation tools enable objective-based reporting to capture and generate a view on organisational risk.

All of these areas are supported by the Exonaut™ Suite of tools.

A review includes compliance and mapping of vulnerable areas within the organisation.

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